RuriDragon by Masaoki Shindo was certainly one of the more unique of Shonen Jump‘s manga when it first made its debut on June 13, 2022. It’s basically a slice of life fantasy story about a normal high school girl who suddenly has to deal with becoming very abnormal. Mostly on account of her finding out that she’s part-dragon the hard way. Kind of hard to hide that when you wake up one day to find that there are horns on your forehead. That’s just the tip of this dragon-flavored iceberg, by the way.

Alas though, this interesting premise that RuriDragon brough to Shonen Jump very quickly ended with a hiatus on July 24, 2022. Just over a month after it made its debut to boot. Apparently, Shindo had been having some health problems. They didn’t say what their health problems were, but it was bad enough for them to stop working on their manga entirely. This situation continued all the way until only just days ago, when the manga finally returned to Shonen Jump.

RuriDragon: Hiatus End Details

RuriDragon header page image.
Someone sure looks happy to be back.

RuriDragon has finally returned to Shonen Jump on March 3, 2024 with Ch. 7 after its hiatus. A very long hiatus to boot on the part of Masaoki Shindo. It has been about 1.5 years since the last chapter. Granted, it’s nowhere near as long as some other Shonen Jump manga. I’m looking at you Hunter x Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi, and your multiple hiatuses for years on end. However, that’s beside the point.

So where can you read RuriDragon? Well, you can read Ch. 7 directly on Shonen Jump at Viz Media’s official website. In fact, you can read all currently available chapters of this manga at Viz Media too. Most of the chapters are even available for free as of this writing, with the three most recent chapters staying free until the next update. However, that next update is going to occur on March 10, 2024; so if you want to read this manga for free, then you might want to hurry.