This week from BOOM! Comics comes Origins 5. Upon reaching his old hide out, secrets are revealed and memories are restored. With the Network hot on their heels, tough choices have to be made. The end draws near as our heroes try to undo past wrongs.

David and Chloe make it to David’s ancient hide out. In the process David hears from his old self and finally learns what happened and what the original David hoped for. In the process they discover Chloe is actually a replica of David’s original wife. This devastates Chloe, but with his memories now restored, David finds a new drive and determination. He leads, more confident than ever he can undo the mess his old self created.

The Network finds David and Co and begins their assault. David rallies the robotic troops to fight against the Network. He gives them an impassioned plea, telling them they are more than their programming. They evolved beyond what they were and now need to fight for their freedom.

The fighting that ensues causes an avalanche, burying everyone involved. David and Chloe emerge, but Chloe is quickly attacked by the Network, which threatens to overwrite her programming as it did Cliff’s. Will David’s one constant supporter now become a tool of the enemy?

The End Draw Near – Where Are We Going?

Origins started off with a very interesting premise. Could an ancient clone undo what its originator did that destroyed the world? The artistic work was a bit of a hit and miss. I am not fond of the way characters are drawn in this title, but the backdrops and landscape created did make this a very unique world. I think because this last issue concentrated so much more on the people and less on the surroundings, it visually felt less appealing.

The other thing I am trying to figure out is the ‘final issue’. BOOM! has a habit of doing its title runs in groups. Instead of an ongoing number count like the other companies do, they run a series 1-5/6 then switch gears and release the next set of stories 1-5/6. If the next issue, #6, is truly the final issue of this story, the pacing seems wildly off. David did a massive turn around in attitude in not time flat. Going from not wanting the droids last issue to giving his gung-ho speech this issue did not seem believable; However, if there will be another set of comics after this one, the story has room to tell the bigger story.

This title begins to fade on me a bit. Let’s hope the final issue (or issue 6 at any rate) can close out this chapter in a good way next month. What did you think of this issue? How is the arc playing out for you? Head over to THS Comic Books on Facebook and tell us what you thought.