As audiences watch the new Jennifer Lopez film, This is Me…Now: A Love Story, I think they will be primarily struck by how visually stunning it is. Once it is released on Prime Video on February 16th, the film is likely to generate considerable social media buzz and discussion surrounding its concepts and themes. The first single from Jennifer’s upcoming album, “Can’t Get Enough,” was released on January 10th. On Friday, February 16th, a new version featuring Latto will drop, accompanied by two music videos available to watch on YouTube.

What To Expect From ‘This is Me…Now: A Love Story’

Directed by Grammy-winner Dave Meyers, who has collaborated with artists like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and SZA, This Is Me…Now: A Love Story stands apart from past Jennifer Lopez projects. Written by Lopez and Matt Walton, and based on a story by Lopez, Meyers, and Chris Shafer, the film boasts a unique style. With the surrealism and vibrant energy of a music video, it weaves together the album’s accompanying visuals into a cohesive narrative. It’s reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, in its use of diverse settings and storytelling through music. The film avoids being a strict musical like Across the Universe or the latest Mean Girls film. Instead, it creates a world where illogicality reigns, prioritizing pure entertainment and fun storytelling.

This Is Me…Now: A Love Story boasts a star-studded cast and appearances by renowned figures like Fat Joe, Trevor Noah, Kim Petras, Post Malone, Keke Palmer, Sofia Vergara, Jenifer Lewis, Jay Shetty, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sadhguru, Derek Hough, and many more.

Fantasy and Surrealism

Some artists and filmmakers bend reality to explore otherworldly themes, and This Is Me…Now: A Love Story dives straight into pure surrealism. The accompanying album, which inspired this Amazon original, stands apart from Jennifer Lopez’s previous work. It’s a unique musical experience that delves into her journey towards love and the importance of self-love. Director Meyers and global icon Lopez collaborate on this narrative-driven art, showcasing her journey to love through her creative lens.

Taken out of context, This Is Me…Now: A Love Story might leave viewers scratching their heads. Having some background knowledge before diving in can be helpful. On my first watch, I struggled to grasp what was unfolding before me. While the film’s vision wasn’t immediately clear, it was evident that it served as a deeply personal response to media portrayals of Jennifer Lopez and her romantic life. In a recent press conference, Lopez herself acknowledged the difficulty in explaining the film’s concept, and how it was initially met with confusion. However, with visionary director Dave Meyers by her side, she transformed her ideas into a unique cinematic experience.

‘This is Me’ Is Visually Stunning

This film boasts truly stellar production quality. The exquisite costumes, elaborate sets, and impressive special effects all contribute to a visually stunning experience. On a purely aesthetic level, it’s undeniably beautiful and luxurious. However, the film cleverly uses this opulence to explore a deeper message: that material wealth and success don’t guarantee happiness or fulfilling relationships.

While Jennifer Lopez’s character (she is loosely playing herself) remains enigmatic in terms of her profession, it’s clear she enjoys significant wealth, possibly through inheritance or personal achievements. Her beautiful clothes, stunning home, and luxurious lifestyle paint a picture of material abundance. Yet, the film portrays her as ultimately unfulfilled and lacking healthy relationships. This juxtaposition emphasizes the film’s central theme: that true happiness lies beyond material possessions and outward success.

Themes that will spark discourse

Several themes are showcased in the film, one being the addictive hope for love. This theme explores how clinging to hope can lead to seeking love in unhealthy and toxic environments, even amidst self-improvement efforts like therapy. While I appreciate the attempt to depict therapy scenes, they felt inconsistent with what someone who has completed therapy might experience. It could be interpreted as “therapy fanfic” compared to real-life experiences. However, it’s important to remember that the film is not aiming for complete accuracy. It uses creative liberty to portray an individual’s struggle with repeating unhealthy patterns despite therapy.

The cameos were delightful, but their relevance to the narrative was unclear. Perhaps they represent the character’s reliance on otherworldly means to find a partner, implying her belief in the universe guiding her fate through signs. While relatable to some, this opens the discussion about the potential downsides of basing relationship choices solely on signs, and how relying on external factors might perpetuate the same mistakes.

The music is fun! Individual scenes function as excellent music videos, but their cohesiveness within the story seems weaker. Again, aiming for a fully cohesive narrative might not have been the intention. The film aims to represent a fantastical interpretation of navigating bad relationships while maintaining hope for true love.

This Is Me…Now: A Love Story will stream globally on Prime Video on February 16th. The new album “This is Me…Now” releases the same day. You can also pre-order the album now.