Star Wars has had a hell of a 2019. From Galaxy’s Edge opening to the release of Jedi Fallen Order to The Rise Of Skywalker releasing next week. The future of Star Wars is going to include merchandise from Galaxy’s Edge. While at the Rise Of The Resistance press event in Walt Disney World, Polygon was talking to Marvel And Star Wars’ Head Of Global Merchandise Franchise Work Brad Schoeneberg, and he had this to say:

Jedi: Fallen Order was the first of other place where you see those stories. It’s not just Savi’s. It’s everything in the land. We have product that showed up in episode one of The Mandalorian. I just sent another round of product to The Mandalorian for season 2. So you’ll continue to see everything embedded in this broader storytelling.”

This means that Galaxy’s Edge merchandise has started to show up in Star Wars projects. That will be happening for all future projects, including future movies.

What’s Different From Other Disney Rides/Worlds?

This is different from when the Avatar area in Disney’s Animal Kingdom had opened. Fans of the film already knew about those characters and weapons they used in the film. With Galaxy’s Edge fans are going to be introduced to these items in upcoming films and video games.

Schoeneberg had also said that:

Working with Doug Chiang [Vice President and Creative Director of Star Wars] on the design of the lightsaber pieces for actual Savi’s, we designed them a lot in-house with the parks merchandise designers and teams. Then we’d go meet with Doug and team. We’d all make changes together with Lucasfilm story and bring them back. Finally when we got to the last set of pieces, Doug said we’re going to need all the 3D copies because we plan to use these in the video game. You’ll see them in content coming up and see them kind of take on new life.

We don’t know what the future of Star Wars will include yet, because nothing has been announced. All we know right now is that a new film will be released sometime in 2022. But no directors are attached to it. We will just have to wait and see what happens for Star Wars’s future.