Earlier today, HasbroPulse did their first Fan First Friday to introduce the next wave of transformers that will hit shelves at the beginning of 2021. Classic fans will rejoice with the mix of not only old generation returns but the new Studio 86 series releases. The Transformers 86 Movie gets some love at long last with the first six releases in this collectors line.

Back in 1986 the Transformers animated movie gave kids of that generation yet another trademark movie to hang their ballcaps on. The ahead of its time movie not only killed off almost every single G1 character, but launched a new wave of characters to carry us into the G2 generation. The movie with voice talents like Lenard Nimoy and Orson Wells (trivia fact: Transformers was the last movie Wells would ever be in before his death) quickly became not only an all time classic, but one of the few movies that weathered the test of time. Transformers fans can still watch it today and have it hold up.

86 Movie Gets Some Love – 6 Movie Greats (Minus 1)

This first wave of studio 86 figures represent five of the great Autobots from the movie. Two are original G1 characters and the other four launched G2 from the movie. First off we get two absolute classics in Jazz and Grimlock. By the end of the animated movie, Jazz becomes one of only three G1 characters to survive (along with Bumblebee and Cliffjumper). Grimlock seems to receive remakes every other wave, so why would fans want this one, especially when they can get one that forms Vocanicus? “Friend find. Look Behind.” That’s right, Wheelie comes with the lead dinobot! Not the blue abomination from the Bay movies, but a proper Wheelie from the movie – complete with slingshot!

Then we have three iconic movie Autobots in Blur, Hot Rod and the long lost Kup! Blur and Hot Rod both have previous versions, but poor Kup keeps getting left out, and did I mention Kup’s limbs come off to mirror the squid battle? Fans will now be able to grab the trio in a single wave! Not only that, but Hot Rod will come with a slew of change outs for his hands as well as the Matrix with energy flare.

I think Hasbro made one mistake with this wave. Wave 1 comes with 5 Autobots and 1 Decepticon. The 1 Decepticon is a gorgeous looking Scourge the Huntsman, but if you are going to do Hot Rod, Kup and Blur why not make figure 6 Arcee! They need to start giving Arcee some love. These figures are available for pre-order and will hit store shelves in February 2021.

86 Movie Get Some Love – And So Do Some Classics

Not only did the 86 movie finally get some attention, but there are some exclusives that bring back some classic figures that changed Transformers forever. Walmart will sell a series of figures that brings back the classic Headmasters. These retro headmasters will include Chromedome, Hardhead, Brainstorm and the lone Decepticon of the group – Mindwipe the bat. While open to pre-order now, they will hit Walmart shelves in January of 2021.

Target will carry two exclusives. The first will complete the Decepticon conehead seekers with Thrust. Thrust was by far the coolest design of the new seekers with his unique wing design. The second exclusive will reunite the twins once more. Runabout, the black version of Runamuck, will complete the brothers duo. These will hit stores in December.

Finally, Amazon will carry a six pack of micro masters that will complete a set for micromaster collectors. Also the 8 pack Revenge of the Fallen Devastator will also be released. As someone who collected the 8 figures individually, he is IMPRESSIVE!

86 Movie Gets Some Love – Two Giant Franchises Collide!

That may be all for the transforming robots, but there remains one final Transformers reveal. The rumored collision of two giant franchises now becomes official. Transformers have now officially merged with the other 80s classic – My Little Pony! As odd as this pairing may sound, the first figure of the merger is My Little Prime. The figure, a traditional Pony design, sports the colors and marking of the Autobot leader himself, Optimus Prime. As weird as this franchise pairing may sound, I have to admit I like the design.

(I want one)