Make a thing available and people will want it. Flood the market with the item and it will sit in garbage cans everywhere. Make the item rare and it will sit in museums everywhere. Galaxies Edge recently opened. It offers a a great deal of exclusive items that can only be found there. Naturally, these items are creating a black market. The Blackspire outpost on Batuu now feeds the black market known as Ebay.

Galaxies Edge Black Market Is Real

Lines at Galaxies Edge
Lines Equal Want

The scarcity of items from the Disneyland theme park are fresh and rare. Couple that with the difficulty off just getting into the park due to record setting crowd numbers, and you have the perfect black market set up for Blackspire items.

Has the only KFC in the neighborhood closed down and you need a Spork? Metal sporks from Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo are gong for as much as $190. Pilot assignment cards from the Smuggler’s Run Falcon ride are fetching $400. Even menus and coaster from Olga’s Cantina are going for $100. Disney officials bothered by this,, discontinued use of many items like the coasters and sporks.

Oh and the infamous lightsabers that cost park goers $200 to create? They are selling for over $300 per saber. Some items listed go as high as $600. With these sabers being new enough, a park goer who lives in the area could go to the park every day and turn a 50% profit per sword.

All Things End

While some items are no longer being used to prevent theft and resale, the black market will eventually die down and prices will deflate. Disneyland’s Blackspire Outpost is currently the only one open. The Batuu simulation in Disney world will soon open. In fact Darkspire Outpost Florida opens August 29th.

As more and more visitors go through the parks and demand lessens, Ebay will most likely dry up save for a few desperate auctions. Until then, keep an eye open for rare oddities from a galaxy far, far away….and keep a few hundred credits handy.