Netflix revealed their slate of 2024 movies and TV shows earlier today, and on it was a new horror movie from the writer of Freaky and It’s A Wonderful Knife, Michael Kennedy, called Time Cut.

The new film reunites Kennedy as writer with director Christopher Landon as producer and also includes Hanna Macpherson as co-writer and director. The film has been described as “Back to the Future meets Scream.Time Cut is heading to Netflix in 2024 sometime, probably closer to the Halloween season.

In the upcoming time-travel slasher movie, “A teenage girl travels back to the early 2000s to stop a vicious killer from murdering her sister.” In the vein of similar time-travel horror flicks like Totally Killer and The Final Girls, it does some things differently. It’s a different time period, and we can hope that the killers don’t have the same motivations.

Madison Bailey (Outer Banks) and Antonia Gentry (Ginny & Georgia) star alongside Michael Shanks, Griffin Gluck, Rachael Crawford, Jordan Pettle, Megan Best, Samuel Braun, Sydney Sabiston, and Kataem O’Connor.

Time-Travel Horror Seems In Vogue

Like the movies mentioned above, Time Cut seems like it’s part of a new wave of slasher/time-travel films. Including other films, it really feels like we’re in an age of the horror-comedy slasher as well. Movies like Scream included comedic elements of the film, but they never went full bore into it. Freaky and other films like Happy Death Day, lean far more into the comedy than the horror elements. But with slashers, they still have inventive kills that are supposed to shock audiences. We’ll have to see about Time Cut when we get more details. But with the team behind it and a cast that includes some up-and-comers in the genre, it feels like this one could be a winner for Netflix.

That being said, with so many movies coming out like this, they’ll really have to differentiate from one another. You can only tell a time-travel story like this so many times before it feels derivative of something else.

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