Rocksteady Studios, developer of the Batman: Arkham game series, decides to sneak us a teaser for their latest title: a Suicide Squad game. And this teaser seems to imply that Superman will be our enemy in this game. Hopefully, they’ll give us a bit more later.

The Suicide Squad's apparent target in the alien flesh.
Wanted: Superman, Dead or…Dead.

Man of Steel on Suicide Squad’s Hitlist?

Recently, Rocksteady Studios confirmed that their latest project is indeed a Suicide Squad game. Specifically, they did so over Twitter through a single mysterious picture. Said picture features a view of someone who appears to be Superman from behind. This alleged Superman also has a crosshair painted on the back of his head with the Suicide Squad motif on it. Folks, I think it’s safe to say that the Suicide Squad will be fighting the Man of Steel in Rocksteady’s latest game.

Superman’s theme plays ominously in the background. Didn’t think that was possible.

Unfortunately, Rocksteady hasn’t offered anything more about this new game than this one teaser picture. We don’t know why the Suicide Squad is targeting Superman, or even how they plan to take down this nigh-invincible superhero. Of course, liberal usage of Kryptonite ammunition is one solution, but that’s going into speculation territory.

Not to mention, we don’t actually know for certain that this is Superman they’re fighting. Oh, we can see that this guy is physically Superman, but is this the Superman we know and love? There are universes out there where, for one reason or another, Superman goes to the Dark Side. And when Superman falls, he falls hard. Looking at you Injustice: Gods Among Us and your One Earth Regime.

Possibly the reason why the Suicide Squad would want to kill the Man of Steel.
When you gaze too long into the abyss, Superman.

So it’s entirely possible that the Suicide Squad are out to kill an evil Superman, and in the process bring down his planetwide regime. Again though, this is entirely speculation, so take it with as much salt as you desire.

Take one. I’ve got plenty.


Rocksteady Studio’s latest project is definitely Suicide Squad: The Game. It will also apparently feature them fighting Superman at one point or another. Unfortunately, that’s all Rocksteady is giving us at the moment. Maybe they’ll give us some more info during the DC FanDome event on August 22. If there’s any place where they’ll give us any info on this new game of theirs, it’s probably this one.

Source: ComicBook