Fresh off his Best Actor Oscar nomination for Rustin, Colman Domingo has set up his next major role, and it involves the King of Pop and Lionsgate’s Michael Jackson biopic, Michael.

Per Deadline, Domingo has been cast as the head of the Jackson family, Joe Jackson. Lionsgate’s Michael Jackson biopic, Michael. Universal Pictures International is handling the overseas rollout for the film which is directed by Antoine Fuqua and produced by Graham King and his GK Films. Domingo had this to say about his casting:

“I’m excited to be a part of a film that explores both the complicated soul of the legendary Michael Jackson as well as his impact on music and culture as a global icon. Not only am I fortunate to have a rich, complex and flawed character to portray in Joe Jackson, but I also have a front row seat for Jaafar’s incredible transformation. After seeing him in rehearsal, my mind was blown. There is something divine about the way that Jaafar is channeling his late uncle. His talent and embodiment of Michael’s essence is simply on another level.”

Domingo joins Michael Jackson’s real-life nephew Jaafar Jackson, who is playing the legendary pop star. An image of Jackson was just recently released that depicted him channeling his famous uncle. As for Joe Jackson, he was the father of the Jackson kids. He became known for his hard tactic management style that, for better or worse, made the Jackson 5 music stars. As Michael got older, his relationship grew uneasy when he began to break off from his brothers to embark on what would become one of the biggest solo careers in music history.

To say that Domingo is having a moment would be a vast understatement. In addition to the Oscar nomination; he also earned a BAFTA, SAG, and Golden Globe nomination for his role in Rustin. He also won an Emmy Award in the Guest Actor category for his role on the HBO series, Euphoria. The actor can additionally be seen in The Color Purple and is next up in Ethan Coen’s Drive-Away Dolls.

Michael is expected to hit screens on April 18, 2025.

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