The Internets are abuzz with rumors that Deadpool will appearing in the next Spider-Man movie.  Since Disney acquired Fox’s catalog of Marvel characters, fans have been dying to know when and how they’ll be introduced into the MCU.  Since Deadpool is the only character they will be not be rebooting, it makes sense they will want to capitalize on that franchise sooner rather than later. So, let’s explore those rumors and break them down.

Over at MCU Cosmic they are reporting that a reliable source that has “…delivered 100%…” for them in the past has heard three rumors over at Marvel. The first way would be to simply do a new solo film, by green lighting Deadpool 3.  The second would be to do a Disney+ limited series. And of course, the one that seems to be getting the most buzz online, having Deadpool guest-star in Spider-Man 3.


Deadpool: Rumor vs. Facts

Let’s explore the Disney+ option first.  Disney+ is meant to be a family-friendly service, which translates to everything needs to be PG-13. While Deadpool proved it can work as a PG-13 film by releasing Once Upon a Deadpool last year, it still seems like an odd choice. Anything is possible and maybe Marvel and Disney want a property that they can push the boundaries with on their service, but I find it highly unlikely.

The one fans appear to be the most excited about is the possibility of Deadpool making some sort of appearance in Spider-Man 3.  Once again, we have the PG-13 issue.  Spider-Man is family friendly character, even a toned down Wade Wilson doesn’t quite fit into the clean as a whistle high school attending Peter Parker image.  The bigger issue to me really is the Sony aspect (more on that in a minute).

Deadpool 2

I think the most logical direction and probable direction is a stand alone Deadpool 3 movie.  I’m sure the creative teams over at Disney along with Wade Wilson himself, Ryan Reynolds, could easily find a way to integrate a third movie in that franchise directly into the MCU.  With Deadpool’s fourth wall breaks and tongue and cheek humor, even if Disney-fied, they could easily and seamlessly join the existing Marvel universe.

Reality Check!

What’s my personal opinion?  No way Deadpool shows up in Spider-Man 3Rob Liefeld, Deadpool’s creator, put it best on Twitter over the weekend.  Why would Disney give a rival studio, Sony Pictures, the platform to introduce and capitalize on their character? It seems very unlikely to me that Disney would do that when they can simply cash in on an existing box office money maker.

We all know that Disney doesn’t do R ratings.  However, Deadpool and its sequel proved that audiences respond well to R-rated superheroes movies.  Plus, Deadpool’s fan base has come to expect that from their anti-hero.  So, whether we get the proven toned-down version, or they release under the Marvel 21st Century Fox banners, I think a Deadpool 3 is the way we will finally get another Merc with a Mouth film.