Rob Liefeld On Major X at WonderCon 2019

We had the fortune to catch up with Rob Liefeld at WonderCon 2019 to discuss bringing Major X to life after having developed the idea in 1992. Watch the interview below and then keep scrolling for our review of Issue #1!

Major X has been looming over the comic world since it was first announced, selling out its first printing instantly, before even hitting the stands. Liefeld’s return to Marvel with a mysterious new character called, Major X, has been talked about, trashed, speculated upon, and been the center of many jokes and predictions.  But now that it is here… Does it stand up to the Mount Everest of Hype?


Wolverine and Major X prepare to fight in Major X #1

This comic is everything we loved and hated about Liefeld from start to finish and more. This isn’t just a throwback to a art and storytelling style of the 90’s… it’s all that and more, dragging self references, Easter eggs, non-stop action, beautiful and awkward art, great twists, groan worth dialogue, contradicting story points, all together in a magnificent ride that had me smiling and enjoying an X-book for the first time in decades.

Ok, let’s get into this. I know what you want to know, so here it is. 

Are there hidden feet?

OF COURSE!!!!!  IT’S ROB LIEFELD!  There are hidden feet behind people, clouds, and when he does show feet, boy are they awkward!!!

Cable and Deadpool make their appearance in Major X #1

What about backgrounds?!

Forget them! Why are you looking behind the characters when there are masterfully badass images of wolverine, time-traveling motorcycles, Deadpool(s), and future-spandex.

Major X and Wolverine gith in Major X #1


Not as much as we all were hoping for.

What about some literal body dis-morphia?

Nah, again, not as much as we all were hoping for.

Does the story make sense?

Just barely. But the action starts on page one and NEVER stops, characters enter and exit at whims with no discernible doors or direction and it’s fantastic! And the twists are so good that you won’t notice till you’re done.

What if I don’t like that “90’s art style?

Are you allergic to fun? Did you think this was To Kill A Mockingbird? This is a Marvel X-book- so sit back and enjoy. Also, let’s face it, Liefeld became an icon for a reason, it’s hard not to get lost in his art wether you are enjoying it or criticizing it. But, come on, just ejoy it!, sheesh!

So, Is this just a silly book? I’m a serious comic reader, excuse me while I go back to my hardcover of Blankets.

Look, fun aside, this book has a couple of solid twists that actually surprised me and it made the very adult choice of not waiting till the last issue to give you a major reveal that is both satisfying and kept me wanting more. It’s not Harry Potter, but it’s a damn good read! Also, the tag to Stan Lee at the end almost brought me to tears.

Major X #1 Cover