One of the greatest Japanese wrestlers is now a free agent. Kazuchika Okada is looking to make a big impact on the US market.

Kazuchika Okada will forever be one of the most influential wrestlers to come out of Japan. The man was one of the greatest wrestlers of his generation in his homeland. The argument could be made that he is on the Mount Rushmore of Japanese wrestling. For the first time since October 2011, Okada will be leaving NJPW. This time around, he is a free agent who will have his choice of where he would like to go. The top two players in the Okada sweepstakes are sure to be WWE and AEW. Okada has a history with AEW after working multiple events for the company.

Okada has done it all in NJPW. From winning the IWGP heavyweight championship 5 times, the New Japan Cup 2 times, and the G1 Climax tournament 4 times, among having what many consider the two greatest and most influential rivalries in company history with Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kenny Omega respectively. Rivalries that both have been awarded feud of the year. Okada has a difficult choice to make. What will it take and cost for any of these promotions to sign one of the aces from NJPW?

AEW And The Dream Matches

AEW should have the inside track on signing the NJPW ace. Okada has already worked with the company and knows how things are run and what to expect there. The good thing if he signs with AEW is the likelihood of him having to move isn’t a high-priority possibility, as Tony Khan would allow Okada to work a light schedule to help avoid the issue of having him relocate.

If Okada does sign with AEW, some of the dream matches he would be fresh and never before seen. He will have the potential to match up with the likes of Adam Copeland, Christian Cage, Swerve Strickland, MJF, and Claudio Castagnoli for first-time singles dream matches. Who would not want to see Okada vs MJF? Or against Adam Copeland? There is also the looming 3rd bout against Bryan Danielson as both men hold a win over one another. The question Okada has to answer is, does he want something that is new even though it’s not really new, or does he want to test himself with a whole new system and product?

WWE And The Dream Matches

Yes, Okada can go to AEW and be comfortable there. He knows how it’s run and has the luxury of possibly not having to move and the freedom of working NJPW dates even under contract with AEW. Does Okada want that, though? Or does he want a whole new challenge? Imagine the scene at Royal Rumble in Tampa, in the middle of the match, where it could be Gunther beating down someone or possibly a familiar foe in Shinsuke Nakamura beating down someone. We hear the countdown, and once we see:00, we hear the iconic coin drop, and out comes one of the greatest wrestlers outside of WWE at one of the big four events.

It could be AJ Styles all over again, as he left NJPW and debuted at the Royal Rumble in the same state as this year’s event is taking place. If Okada wants to test the waters and make the splash; he could potentially get treated just as Styles.

The matchups we could get with Okada are endless. Whether it’s the likes of Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Gunther, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, or even his reigniting feuds with Shinsuke Nakamura, and AJ Styles. The dream matches are limitless in WWE. Picture what if we get John Cena vs Okada, two of the best wrestlers of the last decade, finally meeting, possibly at one of the Big Four events and/or in Cena’s farewell match.

One thing is for sure: wherever Okada decides to go, he will be treated as the star he has become. The final decision will come down to what Okada wants to continue to build with his legacy. Whether it’s competition, money, championships, or iconic moments.

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