NXT begins anew starting this Fall.

In the past few weeks, WWE has been waffling about where they want NXT to go in the fall. It’s been broadcasting on the WWE Network since it’s inception, but there are situations outside of WWE that are forcing it to move. That situation is AEW. They’re starting up their weekly wrestling show on TNT on October 2nd. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting, contrary to their previous reports, that NXT will be making the jump to USA Network on September 18th.

This is going directly at AEW, it even predates their show on TNT. If people didn’t think there was going to be a “Monday Night War” type battle between the two companies, they should think again. NXT isn’t the same caliber of show as Raw or Smackdown. NXT however is the type of show that can distract viewers away from the AEW product. I’d imagine that most watching AEW on their maiden broadcast will be hardcore wrestling fans. Most hardcore fans can agree that NXT is awesome also.

This very well could lead to fans just taping NXT and watching AEW on TNT live. In that case, I’m not sure this is the right move by WWE. They had to make a move in this case. It would be dumb of them to just pretend that AEW doesn’t exist. This is the biggest competition the company has had in over 10 years.

NXT will be airing from 8-10pm eastern time, in direct competition with AEW. The announcement should be happening during Monday Night Raw tonight. WWE’s stock has already jumped up over $2 because of the news. So if shareholders are excited for this, then you should be too. It’s about to be a wild time in wrestling.