Measure of Revenge gives you exactly what it is from the title – a story of revenge. Academy Award Winner Melissa Leo (The Fighter) plays Lillian Cooper, a renowned actress. She’s also a  mother whose rockstar son, Curtis (Jake Weary) returns home from rehab. She believes he’s on the up. Curtis is sober, planning his new tour, and even wants to propose to his pregnant girlfriend. However, things are not always as they seem. Curtis and Olivia overdose on a deadly drug, P.M.A.

Lillian refuses to believe the overdose story and suspects foul play. With the help of band photographer/drug dealer Taz (Bella Thorne), Lillian learns the identity of the men who may have murdered her son setting her off on her pursuit of revenge!


I love a good revenge story. I mean, who doesn’t? There was even a hit TV show called Revenge. However, when it comes to a mother’s revenge, even the incomparable Melissa Leo cannot save the mess that is Measure of Revenge. While I found the story relatable, Lillian to be empathetic, as well as the use of Lillian’s previous Shakespearian characters an interesting choice for her inner monologue, I found the actual film itself dull and boring.

I’m a huge fan of Bella Thorne (The Babysitter) and love this turn she’s taken as an actress to do darker, meatier roles. But, I can’t help but find her portrayal of Taz to be cookie-cutter and lifeless. Which is not what I have come to know and love from the actress.


While I didn’t enjoy the film overall, I did love Lillian once she went full revenge mode. In order to give herself an alibi, she stakes a production of Hamlet casting herself as the ghost of his mother. So, while on her revenge spree, she is in full ghost costume garb running around NYC with a gun, exacting her revenge with the hope of making it back in time for her next scene. This is a fantastic choice and had me rolling. While I’m not sure that I’m actually supposed to be laughing, it was the only time I truly enjoyed watching.

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