As we reported late last week, one of the great actors of our time, Christopher Lloyd, will join the cast of The Mandalorian in Season 3. Details of his role remain scarce, as they did when we learned that Michael Biehn joined the cast in Season 2’s episode “The Jedi.” Following Season 2 (and, arguably, Season 2.5, a/k/a several episodes of The Book of Boba Fett), where things will take Din Djarin and Grogu is completely up in the air. That keeps the airlock wide open for whatever Star Wars character Lloyd could play. Here are a few possibilities.

Christopher Lloyd; Star Wars; The Mandlaorian
Lloyd as King Lear. (Photo: Shakespeare & Company)

Christopher Lloyd has had a storied career over the last five decades, beginning with One Flew over The Cuckoo’s Nest in 1975. During that span he’s played every kind of character imaginable, including even King Lear. That leads us to our first, speculated character: a Mandalorian elder. Remember, According to the Armorer, Din Djarin must travel to Mandalore to cleanse himself in the waters there to reclaim his Mandalorian mantle. Mandalorian pride would never permit them to fully give up their home world, even after the “Night of a Thousand Tears.” Djarin will assuredly meet someone there. Why not Lloyd as an aging, and perhaps mad, Mandalorian clan leader? His experience as Lear would certainly translate.

What Star Wars Character will Christopher Lloyd play in The Mandalorian?

Christopher Lloyd; The Mandalorian
Lloyd looking rather Imperial as Judge Doom. (Image: Touchstone Pictures)

We know from The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2 that Din Djarin is most certainly on the Empire’s radar. Likewise BOBF confirmed that Mando returned to his bounty hunting ways. Each opens the door for Christopher Lloyd to step in as either an Imperial remnant officer of some kind, or an elder member of the bounty-hunting guild, respectively. Lloyd’s portrayal of Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? might serve him well in an Imperial role. Being no stranger to sci-fi (he played a Klingon in Star Trek III, after all), he certain has the chops to play a space-trotting bounty hunter. A dying mentor to Din Djarin, perhaps?

Christopher Lloyd
Christopher Lloyd plays Jim Ignatowksi to perfection in Taxi. (Image: CBS)

Let’s be honest, though: Lloyd’s best roles are often his comedic ones. One of his best came before a great many in the Star Wars fandom were even born. I’m of course referring to his character of Jim Ignatowski on Taxi (1978-1983). If we had to wager, we’d guess his role will take the form of comic relief. (Think along the lines of Amy Sedaris’s role of Peli Motto.)  I for one would love to see Christopher Lloyd play some kind of befuddled space taxi driver in homage to Ignatowski.

What kind of character do you think he will play in The Mandalorian? Better yet, who would you want him to play in Star Wars? Let us know!