Star Wars fans tuned into the first episode of Ahsoka to give it over 14 million views. And after watching that and episode number 2 you can see why. So, the main question for this week is, can episode 3 live up to the hype? Well, I just got done watching it and my answer is yes, but for those who don’t like how some things mimic movies of the past, they might be disappointed.

Star Wars: Ahsoka - Episode 3 Has A Familiar Feel To It [Non-Spoiler Review]
Will Ahsoka track down Thrawn and Ezra?

Star Wars: Ahsoka Episode 3 Review

So, those who have watched the first two episodes know we were left off with Ahsoka and Sabine heading out on their quest to find Ezra and Thrawn, and it is no surprise, that is where we started in the next episode. Now I do not want to go into any spoilers since the episode is just over an hour old, so I will say this… Get ready for a very familiar feel that just may give you ‘A New Hope” at looking at things when watching it.

Earlier this week we did get a clip from Disney showing Ahsoka and Sabine working together as they are getting attacked by Marrok. But is this enough to strengthen their relationship or will they be so set in their ways it will tear them more apart?

Now don’t worry Hera and Chopper fans, they along with some other New Republic characters make an appearance in this episode as well.

Star Wars: Ahsoka - Episode 3 Has A Familiar Feel To It [Non-Spoiler Review]
Can Sabine connect with the Force?

My Final Thoughts

Once again Dave Filoni knocked it out of the park. Yes, a lot of the episode felt like a Star Wars movie from the past it was written well enough to make it feel like its own story as well. Also, if you are like me and love space battles you will really enjoy this Episode. Also the more I watch the more I need to know about Baylan Skoll, Shin Hati, and Marrok. These have been some of the most interesting “bad guys” since Thrawn was introduced.

Now, like I have said a couple of times this episode mimics quite a bit from a movie in the past. S0, if you are a person that is not a fan of that then you might not like this episode. Also, I will say this, this episode is very Ahsoka and Sabine heavy so don’t expect a lot of answers yet on this series. Another thing is I wish these episodes were longer (yes I’m being selfish).

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you will want to keep an eye out for a HUGE Star Wars: Rebels easter egg it will definitely make you want to go into Hyperspace to get to episode 4.

I need to know more about Baylan Skoll

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