WWE has announced that Bruce Prichard will be taking over the Executive Director of Smackdown position from Eric Bischoff. After two episodes of Smackdown on FOX, WWE decided that a change was needed. It remains to be seen whether this is coming from WWE or from FOX. The new network for Smackdown has taken a more upfront position on creative choices. The WWE draft was influenced heavily by FOX and their producers.

Bruce Prichard is a 40 year veteran of the wrestling industry. He formerly worked for the WWF during the 80’s and 90’s as the manager, Brother Love. So Prichard isn’t a stranger to how the WWE works creatively. What I’m really interested in, is why make the change from Bischoff this early. He apparently didn’t take over Smackdown until recently. The WWE made a big deal out of Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman taking over these creative positions earlier in the year. So a change now, seems a bit hasty. Bischoff won’t be working with the company any longer, according to someone inside WWE.

If there’s anyone who can right the ship and keep it sailing, it’s Prichard. He long has been a creative force in wrestling and his podcast has given many great ideas for wrestling. It’s an exciting time for wrestling with so many different promotions running shows now. Smackdown moving to FOX was just another gigantic step for wrestling. I know I’ll be watching to see how Brother Brucey can keep Smackdown fresh and exciting for a new audience of people over on FOX.

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All images courtesy of WWE.