It’s that time of year when we think back on all the incredible films and television we’ve watched this past year. Most year-end Top 10 Lists focus only on new releases. However, I think there were a lot of GREAT Shows that were canceled or ran their course that deserve a list. While I will never claim to have seen every single show ever, I watch A LOT. This is why I will have 3 Favorites List for you: New Series, Returning Series, Canceled/Finished Broadcast Series!

So, let’s talk about my TOP 10 Canceled/Finished Broadcast Series of 2023!


Mindhunter and Alaska Daily! Netflix’s Mindhunter followed FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench as they get into the minds of the most infamous murderers coining the term serial killer. While Netflix gave us 2 iconic seasons after years of limbo canceled the series noting it’s too expensive to film. So, if there’s a serial killer you were wondering about – like the BTK killer both seasons were leading up to there are quite a few documentaries to watch. 

ABC’s Alaska Daily was one of my favorite new series. The series stars Hilary Swank as a blacklisted reporter who takes a job in Alaska. There, she uncovers the secrets of the town putting a spotlight on the missing indigenous women of Alaska.

10. The Goldbergs – 10 seasons

ABC’s The Goldbergs is one of my favorite sitcoms. The series follows a hilarious family set in the 1980s Philadelphia suburb. The series held its final season in 2023! So, if you’re looking for a light-hearted good time check it out.

9. Single Drunk Female – 2 Seasons

Freeform’s Single Drunk Female met the Disney chopping block after season 2. This is a real shame because the show did a terrific job of tackling addiction, and family in a way I haven’t seen in a television show. The cast and storylines were terrific. While season 2 does end on a cliffhanger, the series is still worth a watch. 

8. How I Met Your Father – 2 Seasons

This one hurts. Hulu canceled How I Met Your Father after 2 seasons. While the show did struggle to be as accepted as its predecessor I really enjoyed it. During season 2 the series found its own footing bringing in great storylines and setting viewers up for heartbreak. After the cancellation, fans of the show did their own writing guessing what would happen with Jessie and Sophie, as well as who they believed the father to actually be and why, 

7. Sex Education – 4 Seasons

Netflix’s Sex Education had 3 really solid seasons. Unfortunately, it falls off a little in season 4 with most cast members not wanting to return for the final season. Character arcs were messy, but in the end, the series has a satisfying ending that doesn’t ruin the magic the first 3 seasons built.

6. The Resident – 6 Seasons

I LOVE a medical drama and FOX’s The Resident is no exception. While the series focuses on the doctors, they leave the majority of the drama in the hospital with difficult cases. I think it’s fair to assume with the loss of the key, fan-favorite characters’ viewership dropped off. However, I felt it was pretty solid all the way through.

5. The Great – 3 Seasons

Hulu canceling The Great is one of the biggest shocks for me. The series stars Nicholas Hoult (Renfield) and Elle Fanning (Maleficent) who are doing incredible work. The series is a dark farcical comedy story of the rise of Catherine the Great! If you like dark comedy based on historical people this is a perfect series for you.

4. Never Have I Ever – 4 Seasons

Netflix’s Never Have I Ever ended after its 4th planned season. The series followed Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) through her high school years and all the chaos that ensued, as well as lessons learned. I think this series is one of the strongest Young Adult Series in a long time.

3. Cruel Summer – 2 Seasons

The rage I felt when learning that Freeform canceled Cruel Summer after 2 seasons was very high. I understand that Disney is taking a hacksaw to their original content, but dang leave something for the rest of us. The series is an anthological who dunnit mystery series. Each season tells their own story very different from each other. So you don’t have to worry about a cliffhanger that never gets resolved. WATCH THIS SHOW and show them how wrong they are for canceling it.

2. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – 5 Seasons

One of my favorite series of the last decade is Prime Videos The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. While I’m sad the series was canceled after 5 seasons, I do feel it ran its course. The characters are incredible, the acting impeccable, and you will fall in love with everyone the way I did. Watch it!

1. Ted Lasso – 3 Seasons

AppleTV+’s Ted Lasso had 2 incredible seasons and a 3rd that could not make everyone happy. While I agree that a few storylines felt rushed, I would rather there be 3 strong seasons instead of 10 watered-down ones. I’m 50/50 on how I feel about the ending, but overall I enjoyed it. 

For more TOP 10 List stay tuned to THS!