Hulu’s How I Met Your Father was surprisingly one of my favorite new series of 2022. I felt it has the heart, the comedy, and the cameos to stand on its own. However, after having the chance to watch the first half of season two I’m not so sure anymore.


Season 2 of How I Met Your Father picks up where season one left off – at the Art Gallerie where Ian shows up surprising Sophie (Hilary Duff). If you remember, Ian (Daniel Augustin) was the guy at the beginning of season one who went off on a boat to the middle of nowhere and Sophie felt like she missed out on the love of her life.

Valentina (Francia Raisa) and Charlie (Tom Ainsley) are broken up. Sid (Suraj Sharma) and Hannah (Ashley Reyes) got married. Jesse (Chris Lowell) and Meredith (Leighton Meister) are seemingly back together. While Ellen’s (Tian Tran) new crush moves across the hall.

At the beginning of the season, a lot of promises are made about character development, and love interests, along with a legendary story point that we will hopefully get to. However, after the first few episodes all those promises disappear and we’re left with episodes that don’t really go anywhere.


PHOTO EMBARGOED FOR USE UNTIL 9:30 PM PT ON MONDAY 03/14/22 (12:30 AM ET ON TUESDAY 03/15/22). How I Met Your Father — “Timing Is Everything” – Episode 110 — Sophie gets romantic advice from someone who’s been through it all. Valentina and Charlie face a tough crossroads. Jesse makes a choice. Charlie (Tom Ainsley), Sophie (Hilary Duff), Sid (Suraj Sharma), Hannah (Ashley Reyes), and Valentina (Francia Raisa), shown. (Photo by: Patrick Wymore/Hulu)

From the trailer, as well as the first episode, we know Sophie is supposed to start dating a much older man played by John Corbett (And Just Like That). However, after 7 episodes he is nowhere to be seen.

The breakup of Valentina and Charlie feels forced and lackluster. Separating them doesn’t have the oomph I think the writers were looking for. Instead, the two characters are flailing trying to figure out their purpose. Jesse and Meredith aren’t even interesting. While you have poor Ellen carrying the series with the most interesting and relatable storyline.

Season 2 continues to hint that one of these five men: Jesse, Ian, Charlie, Sid, or Drew will be the father. However, they’ve done nothing to have anyone be on the radar except Jesse. There was possibly one moment where the writers seem to scratch him out but then reeled him right back in as an option.

Personally, I want Jesse to be the father. Out of all the options he makes the most sense and they have the best chemistry. If it’s not him, I feel like we may have another How I Met Your Mother fiasco on our hands.


I’m hoping that How I Met Your Father part 2 figures out the slump it’s currently in. Right now it feels like they had a great 10-episode season written then learned it was doubled and didn’t really know how to fill in the gap. I need these promises and story arcs to come to fruition. I need more interesting characters and more cameos! The Robyn Scherbatzky (Cobie Smulders) one at the end of season 1 was huge and perfectly done.

The new season of How I Met Your Father begins rolling out on Hulu Tuesday, January 24. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!