This weekend Marvel Comics fans were treated to some new Spider-Gwen news. Marvel Comics announced at L.A. Comic Con (LACC) that we will be getting a new GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-GWEN one-shot. Created by Melissa Flores and Alba Glez GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-GWEN will be hitting local comic shops on March 6, 2024. You can check out the official cover and details of this one-shot below.


New York, NY— December 2, 2023 — Just now at the Marvel: Amazing Spider-Man – Gang War Panel at L.A. Comic Con, writer Melissa Flores spoke to Marvel Comics Director of Talent Relations, Rickey Purdin, about her upcoming SPIDER-GWEN: SMASH limited series and revealed a GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-GWEN one-shot coming in March! GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-GWEN #1 will be part of next year’s 50th anniversary celebration of the epic Giant-Size storytelling of 1970s, home to some of the most pivotal and earth-shattering tales of the Marvel mythos! The issue will follow January’s GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-MAN #1 by Cody Ziglar and Iban Coello, and February’s GIANT-SIZE FANTASTIC FOUR #1 by Fabian Nicieza and Creees Lee. Flores will continue to redefine Ghost-Spider’s adventures in her home dimension, this time alongside rising star artist Alba Glez, as the most sinister threats of Earth-65, including a new Doc Ock, join forces to bring down their universe’s greatest super hero! 


Swinging from the pages of SPIDER-GWEN: SMASH, Gwen Stacy has finally found some balance in her home dimension. But when the remnants of the Carnage symbiote resurface in Gwen’s bandmate Mary Jane, they attract the attention of something…sinister. Orlando Octavius, the adopted son of Dr. Octopus, now has his sights set on MJ. And Spider-Gwen will have to save her friend from a gauntlet of new and terrifying villains in this oversized spectacular!

“Helping Gwen Stacy settle into her home dimension in SPIDER-GWEN: SMASHwas an incredible pleasure,” Flores shared. “Being given the opportunity to continue to develop those relationships in this one-shot was an unexpected jolt of euphoria that I never saw coming. I wasn’t ready to leave Gwen or Earth-65 behind, and I’m so thankful that now I don’t have to!”

Like all of next year’s GIANT-SIZE installments, GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-GWEN #1 will boast a cover by superstar artist Bryan Hitch and reprint a classic adventure of its titular star, SPIDER-GWEN #13 (2015), in which Gwen and the Mary Janes first face off against Earth-65’s Mysterio! Check out the cover below and stay tuned for more SPIDER-GWEN news in the weeks ahead, including the announcement of her next series! For more information, visit


Are you excited about the GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-GWEN one-shot? Is this series a must-read and have for your collection? Also, what other comic series are you looking forward to? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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Source: Marvel Comics