Godzilla Minus One is almost here, or if you’re lucky enough to hit a fan-screening, it’s already here. Check out the final trailer from Toho above! This is the first domestic Japanese Godzilla movies since Shin Godzilla in 2016. It was shot on location and on soundstages in Japan from March 2022-June 2022.

The film stars Japanese superstars Ryunosuke Kamiki as Koichi Shikishima and Minami Hamabe as Noriko Oishi. Mr. Kamiki and Ms. Hamabe also currently star together in the hit Japanese television series “Ranman”. Other cast includes: Yuki Yamada as Shiro Mizushima, Munetaka Aoki as Sosaku Tachibana, Hidetaka Yoshioka as Kenji Noda, Sakura Ando as Sumiko Ota and Kuranosuke Sasaki as Seiji Akitsu.

GODZILLA MINUS ONE is written and directed by award winning director Takashi Yamazaki and produced by TOHO Studios. The film takes place just after the war, when Japan has no self-defense force or no armaments. The starting point is what happens if Godzilla comes to Japan while it is completely disarmed.

Tickets for Godzilla Minus One are available right now! Read our 97% review of Godzilla Minus One below!

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