Fans last saw our talented group of animal friends in Sing five years ago! After some minor delays due to the pandemic, and Illumination Mac Guff’s temporary closure, the curtain is opening back up. In preparation for Sing 2, Universal Pictures and Illumination have some new posters to make fans excited.

Two new Sing 2, have dropped today. Take a look below for yourself and get excited!

Poster #1

Sing 2 Poster #1

In the first poster by Shadow Series Art, we see the voice actors of our favorite singing animals alongside their animated parts. Sing 2’s returning cast is Matthew McConaughey as Buster the Koala, Reese Witherspoon as Rosita the pig, Scarlett Johansson as Ash the porcupine, and Taron Egerton as Johnny the Gorilla, just to name a few. Set to join this already star-studded cast are Bono as Clay Calloway the Lion, Pharrell Williams as Alfonso the Elephant, Halsey as Porsha the wolf, and Bobby Cannavale, as the antagonistic Jimmy Crystal the Wolf. Who are you most excited about?


Sing 2 Poster #2

The second Sing 2 poster shows us just the animated creatures as they take the stage. In the trailer, we see that the team must prepare for their big show, but will it be enough to save the theater?

Sing 2 takes us into the world of animal show business. With part one, Buster was able to save his failing theater. Now, he has his sights set on playing at the Crystal Tower Theater. The problem is, the animal performers try to sneak in as an act because they have no real connections. This is when Buster comes up with the genius idea to promise Clay Calloway, who no one has seen in fifteen years, will play alongside them. Oh, and did I mention, Buster doesn’t even know Clay Calloway?! But, he must make good on his promise, or he not only loses his show, but he also loses his life. Yikes!

Set to be exclusively in movie theaters, Sing 2 comes out on December 22nd, 2021. So, pick up a microphone, put on your dancing shoes, and enjoy a nice family movie this holiday season.