We might have had the definitive ending for Michael Myers and Laurie Strode in Halloween Ends last year, but that’s not stopping Miramax from shopping around the rights for the series. Universal and Blumhouse previously held those rights for film, but after the David Gordon Green trilogy of films, their time is up. Our friends at Bloody Disgusting are reporting that Trancas International Films, which is run by the Akkad family, is actively shopping the rights to the Halloween franchise around Hollywood. In addition, our friends at One Take News are reporting that Paramount is active in bidding and wants the rights for the franchise badly right now.

From what they can discern, a bidding war is going on between several parties, all trying to bring Michael Myers back. They don’t have specifics on which parties are involved, but there are streamers and film studios alike. The Akkad family is open to making films or TV for Halloween at this point. Everything is on the table for them, and they’re fielding pitches for the future of the series.

Halloween Ends was the thirteenth movie in the Halloween franchise, but it’s never made it to the land of TV. With several franchises like Chucky and Friday the 13th going to the silver screen, could Michael Myers be next? They could always have another reboot to the franchise as well. With Laurie Strode’s story wrapped up, we’ll need some new characters for Michael Myers to sink his knife into.

All of this is still up in the air though. So don’t get too attached to one thing or another until we get official news from Miramax about who and what they’re doing with Halloween.

The Absolute Worst Scenarios For Halloween

Michael Myers (aka The Shape) in Halloween Kills, directed by David Gordon Green.

The worst possible partner for the Halloween franchise would be Netflix. They showed little to no care for their latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. While that movie was actually pretty good, like the rest of their films, they gave it no promotion, barely put out a trailer in time, and then have yet to release it on any sort of physical media. That’s really the kicker. Netflix doesn’t put anything out on physical media anymore. They haven’t done it with their biggest properties like Stranger Things. So what makes us think they’ll do it with Halloween? Combine that with their lack of care for previous horror films, and it would be a disaster.

The next worst options would still be something like Hulu, 20th Century Films, or anything involving Disney. They have recently gotten better about physical releases for some of their biggest shows and movies, but there are plenty that are locked behind whatever red tape Mickey Mouse is putting up. Any of these streaming companies would really be bad, because the Halloween franchise deserves the most respect and attention it can get.

So we’ll have to see how this news goes when we get more from Trancas International Films.

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