Two of the biggest properties in all of pop culture are set to collide. The Marvel Universe is joining up with the Magic: The Gathering multiverse. This isn’t the first time that Hasbro and Marvel have done business together though. Hasbro produces the extensive Marvel Legends line of action figures, and they own Magic. This new collab will allow Marvel characters to appear in the Magic: the Gathering card game.

We just recently saw the release of a Doctor Who-themed set of cards; with the Universes Beyond: Doctor Who set of Commander decks and Collector Booster Packs. They’ve also done a Universes Beyond set for The Lord of the Rings with others like Fallout and Final Fantasy coming soon.

The first Marvel-themed Magic set will release in 2025 and isn’t just a set of Commander decks, but it’s a full set of new cards and described as a “tentpole Magic set.” They didn’t provide any other details in their release about the collaboration. That description means you can expect something like The Lord of the Rings set.

Here’s what some of the higher-ups at Magic and Marvel had to say.

“We are extremely proud to collaborate with Marvel to bring its iconic characters to fans around the world in new ways. These tentpole sets will build on the tradition of incorporating beloved fan-favorite characters and elements from world-class brands into Magic: The Gathering.”

Cynthia Williams, President of Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro Digital Gaming

“Trading cards have always been a part of Marvel’s DNA, so this collaboration takes that experience to a whole new level. With the depth that our storytelling and characters bring to the table, we can’t wait for fans to see how the Marvel Universe translates seamlessly into gameplay within these Magic: The Gathering products and sets for years to come.”

Dan Buckley, President of Marvel Comics and Franchise

As for other card-games that use the Marvel license like Marvel Champions, Legendary, or Marvel VS. System, this probably doesn’t mean anything. They’re technically different types of games from Magic. Magic is a collectible card game and those are deck-building games. We’ll have to see how the set affects things in Magic. The Lord of the Rings Universes Beyond had drastic effects across the landscape of competitive play.

So, what do you think of the new Marvel-themed set of cards?

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