Disney sure is pouring a lot of funding and publicity into promoting their upcoming animated film Wish. This “Wish Wednesdays” music campaign is just part of that promotion. With them releasing a new song every week, they clearly want to emphasize the film’s musical nature. Not that surprising really. Disney films are typically musicals anyway. It only makes this “Welcome to Rojas” song fit in with the promotions all the better. Don’t believe me? Why not give the song a listen below, and hear if this hypes up the film for yourself?

“Welcome to Rosas”: “Wish Wednesdays” Details

And yet funnily enough: the sheep in the thumb is nowhere in the song.

Disney is proud to present for the November 1, 2023 edition of “Wish Wednesdays”: “Welcome to Rosas”, which consists of not 1, not 2, but 3 videos on YouTube. This very upbeat song by Julia Michaels and Benjamin Rice, with lyrics by Julia Michaels as well, gives us a perfectly musical introduction to the magical city of Rosas. The song even introduces us to the villain of the story: King Magnifico (voiced by Chris Pine) himself. The song overall paints the monarch of Rosas to be a benevolent and even generous ruler. However, you get a hint of someone far more sinister in bits of the song. Quite appropriate, given that Disney spoiled his villainy for us early on.

When you’re so full of music and song you must DANCE.

The other 2 videos for this week’s “Wish Wednesdays” are actually two-part “Making Of” featurette videos for this latest Disney animated film. The video above shows the singer and voice actress for the main character Asha: Ariane DeBose, as she’s recording “Welcome to Rosas” in the recording booth. As you can see, DeBose likes to dance while recording her songs. No better place for it, if I might say.

No good Disney film is complete without synchronized dancing to accompany the singing.

The last “Welcome to Rosas” video is the one above. That one depicts a true “Making Of” video for the song. They’ve even got production staff talking about the choreography for the animated dancing. That actually reveals not only what kind of instruments they used for the music, but also that flamenco is part of the dance styles in the song. This is quite fitting, considering that Wish looks like it takes place in a fantasy version of medieval Spain.

As a reminder: Wish will make its theatrical debut on November 22, 2023. Thus, we won’t have long until we see this musical sequence in its entirety.