Spirit Halloween is an institution. It’s the Halloween Mecca of costumes, props, animatronics, figures, and other goodness. They really are known for their costumes though. This year, they’ve got some of the best and biggest costumes from across the spectrum. Here are some of their hottest and highest-selling costumes so far in 2023.

Adult Skating Barbie Costume

Complete that look that Margot Robbie rocked in Barbie with this new costume. This isn’t the only officially licensed costume from Barbie though. They have Ken, Western Barbie, Ken, Classic Barbie, and even a Barbie Box that you can DIY your own look with. We all know the most popular couples costume is going to be Barbie and Ken, so get ready before the rush of people hit your local Spirit Halloween.

Bluey To The Nightmare Before Christmas To The Little Mermaid

For those with families, you’re not left out in the cold regarding costumes. You can dress your little ones up as Bluey or get into the spirit like the picture above. It’s really the best time to go for that family-themed costume and get the little ones involved or laughing at Dad for dressing up like a big blue dog.

Horror Heads Look Out For Slasher Villains

2023 is the age of the slasher, and so is every other year. But this year, Spirit really outdid themselves with costumes for slashers like Chucky, Ghostface, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and even got the Universal Monsters involved on the fun. This is the first year in their history that they’ll carry any Universal Monsters costumes. So if you’re a fan of Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, or The Invisible Man, you’re in luck.

Killer Klowns March Toward Spirit Halloween

Killer Klowns From Outer Space is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, and Spirit Halloween is celebrating along with them. For years, they’ve kept the movie alive in our minds and with plenty of awesome merch and costumes. This year, they’ve got Jumbo, Shorty, Slim, and other costumes alongside accessories like the Popcorn Gun and more. If you love Killer Klowns, this is one of the best years for costumes and accessories.

Don’t Forget About Wednesday

Whether you’re doing viral TikTok dances like Wednesday or you just want to be creepy with the rest of the fans of the Netflix show, Spirit has you covered. They even have the other members of the Addams Family, if you want to make it a family affair. And if you’re not into Wednesday, your dog might be.

And There’s Many, MANY More Costumes Available

Not seeing any costumes on the Spirit Halloween hot list that catch your eye? They have HUNDREDS more on their website and in-stores. Check out their full inventory here. That’s not all that Spirit Halloween has, either. They have decorations, collectibles, accessories, and plenty of other Halloween goodness, year-round.

So, what’re you looking forward to at Spirit Halloween this year?

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