Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is upon us on Digital starting today, and the Blu-ray, 4K UHD, and DVD releases on October 10th, 2023. I know some of you might be thinking out there, “great, another studio release of a big blockbuster movie with no features.” Well, this one actually comes with quite the extras package on the release. The days of “trailer, gag reel, and that’s it” are over, at least with Paramount. They’re putting it all into this release of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. If you’re in need of some behind-the-scenes or other fun extras, this is the release for you.

Before we dive in a bit deeper, here’s the full list of extras on the release/disc.

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  • Human Affairs— In a world of robots, machines, and aliens, we explore the humans who help save the world.
  • Life in the 90s— The filmmakers discuss how the music, set design, fashion, and cultural references transport viewers to New York in the 90s.
  • Heroes— Get an inside look at the inspiration and thought process behind designing the AUTOBOTS and the MAXIMALS.
  • Villains—Watch as the filmmakers bring the TERRORCONS and PREDACONS to life.
  • The Chase— Meet MIRAGE, a new AUTOBOT that converts into a 1993 Porsche, and experience the adrenaline-filled car chase through New York City.
  • The Battle of Ellis Island— Join the cast and crew as they go behind-the-scenes of the epic battle sequence between the AUTOBOTS and the TERRORCONS at the museum.
  • Into the Jungle— The TRANSFORMERS franchise has been filmed all over the globe. This time, join the cast and crew as they explore the new and exotic location of Peru.
  • The Switchback Attack— Witness the wild, intense driving sequences filmed on location in Peru where the AUTOBOTS fight the TERRORCONS through a town square and into the mountains 15,000 feet up.
  • The Final Conflict— Get a behind-the-scenes look at the film’s epic climax. Watch as the AUTOBOTS, MAXIMALS, Noah, and Elena attempt to save the world.
  • Extended/Deleted Scenes—Includes an alternate opening and ending to the film!
    • Alternate Opening – The Transit Depot
    • Extended Scene – This Can’t Be Real
    • Extended-Deleted Scene – Noah Comes Home
    • Extended Scene – The Maximal Crest
    • Alternate/Extended Scene – The Cave – Switchback
    • Deleted Scene – Are You Ready
    • Deleted Scene – Alternate Ending

The Best Of The Special Features On Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Together all these bonus features add up to over an hour of extra content ranging from nice looks into the production of the film to things that outright change how the film feels. The film’s alternate ending might only be around 50 seconds long, but it changes everything. I’m glad they didn’t go with that one because it feels much more like a downer than what we got in the film.

As for the BTS content, my favorite featurette was Life in the 90s. So much of this film is awesome because it isn’t a current piece. It’s set in the 90s with a different culture, different music, clothes, technology, and more. It was fascinating to see all the work that went into making the movie as accurate as possible to the time period. Outside of that, there aren’t really any duds on the release. The special features were all insightful and actually gave me a new appreciation for the film.

For Transformers fans or just people who want a digital/Blu-ray/4K UHD release that isn’t barebones, this one is among the best you’re going to see from a studio.

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