If you are a Funko Pop! collector then you already know some of these Pops! can get up there in value. From convention exclusives to limited-run Pops! it is not unusual to see the prices of these vinyl toys go for hundreds of dollars. People will do just about anything to get that Funko grail in their collection. Hell, I have even seen posts of people trading cars for them. Well, today I saw a post that made my jaw drop, The Golden Ticket Funko Pop! 2-Pack sold for over $200,000.

Funko Pop! Willy Wonka - Golden Ticket 2-Pack Sells For Over $200,000
Photo: HobbyDB

Funko Pop! Willy Wonka – Golden Ticket 2-Pack Sells for $210,000

Yes, you read that right. The Willy Wonka – Golden Ticket 2-Pack just sold for $210,000. So Why is this 2-pack so valuable? Well, it is said that the Golden Ticket 2-pack is one of the rarest Pop! collectible of all time. This Pop! 2-pack came out during the Funko Fundays in 2016 at SDCC. Fans at Funko Fundays had a chance to win one of the 10 2-packs made.

In 2022 the Golden Ticket 2-Pack made history and was bought by a person known as “Grailmonster” for $100,000. Until now that was the most that has been paid for a Funko Pop! It is ironic because today it is this exact same Pop! making news because it was sold by “Grailmonster” to evendhq. What is even more interesting about this transaction it looks like it is going to be put in a mystery box sale for Funkos fans to have a chance for this grail.

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Photos: From hobbydb.com