WWE held their record-shattering Money in the Bank event from London, where it broke numerous records along with providing us with some of the best moments for The Judgement Day, Bloodline, and giving us a hint at whom the company sees as future World champions. After this week’s editions of RAW and SmackDown, we are in full gear heading into Summerslam in Detroit.

Can The Judgement Day end Money In The Bank as the most dominate force in recent years?

Here are the results and surprises for the show in London.

Men’s Money In The Bank match: Damien Priest defeats Ricochet, Shinsuke Nakamura, LA Knight, Santos Escobar, Butch and Logan Paul

Women’s Tag Team Championship match: Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez defeat Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler to become new Tag Team champions.

Intercontinental Championship match: Gunther retains over Matt Riddle.

Singles match: Cody Rhodes defeats Dominik Mysterio

Surprise Return: John Cena returns to promote WrestleMania in London.

Women’s Money in the Bank match: Iyo Sky defeats Becky Lynch, Bayley, Trish Stratus, Zoey Stark and Zelina Vega

World Heavyweight Championship match: Seth Rollins retains over Finn Balor

The Bloodline Civil War: The Usos defeat Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa

Will Drew finally end Gunther’s historic reign?

Drew McIntyre makes his surprise return.

As legendary a title reign Gunther has had at one point, he will be larger than the championship itself. Depending on the outcome of the World Heavyweight Championship I believe that at some point this year Gunther will be contender to the champion based off who it is at the time. If Seth continues his reign, I do believe we can see him vs Gunther around Survivor Series or at the latest Royal Rumble. If the champion is not Seth, then I do see Gunther holding onto this title until he beats the all-time record of longest reign held by the Honky Tonk Man. In other great title defense, Gunther came out on top however the intriguing aspect of his match was what happened after.

Drew McIntyre made his return at the event, and clearly made his intentions on dethroning Gunther for the championship. After falling short at WrestleMania in one of the best matches from that weekend, one can assume Drew is seeking revenge for that lost. The question here is what WWE sees as the best option to move Gunther away from the championship and into the main event scene. Does Drew benefit being the one to pin Gunther? Can anyone else from the RAW roster benefit more from pinning him? Or can we have a scenario where he loses the championship in a Triple Threat match where he is not pinned and can keep his momentum slowing down.

Who will the MITB winners cash in on?

Damian Priest wins the Men’s MITB match.
Iyo Sky captures the Women’s MITB briefcase.

Heading into the event, the Women’s MITB match had a clear fan favorite in Iyo Sky. Thankfully, WWE did not see or feel the need to change the outcome and go with her as the winner. The best option of the women involved, now the interesting part will be whom she will challenge. The current champions are Rhea Ripley as the Women’s World Champion and Asuka as the WWE Women’s Champion, She can also challenge NXT’s Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton.

The champion I believe she will challenge is none other than Asuka as they are both on the SmackDown roster and Rhea seems likely to feud with Raquel Rodriguez and a feud with Becky Lynch still looms large. The biggest question for Iyo will be what happens with her stablemate Bayley, will she cost her cash in? Could we see Iyo winning only to have Bayley turn on her once she wins? What happens once Dakota Kai returns as well?

The Men’s MITB match also had a fan favorite in LA Knight winning. However, as the match came closer, there were a total of 3 favorites along with LA Knight who were Damian Priest and Logan Paul. In the end, this match did not have the fan favorite win as Damian Priest won the match with him winning, it does open a whole avenue of opportunities. In an interview that followed, he put all of the champions on notice whether they are from RAW, SmackDown or NXT. The Judgement Day are currently in a feud with World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, along with an appearance on NXT to confront NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes.

The chances Priest goes for any of these men is unpredictable. He can cash in Seth which he almost did at the MITB event but ultimately cost Finn the match. The question for Priest will be how he cashes in, with the company in love with the group I do not see him just cashing in post match as the feeling I have is that he will announce when and it will be billed as not a surprise cash in. My money will be Priest cashing in on Seth Rollins at Survivor Series where he will ultimately win and set a new dynamic within the Judgement Day.

Seth retains, but are we getting hints at Judgement Day member leaving?

Balor and Priest arguing during the World Heavyweight Championship match

Once the Men’s MITB match ended and Priest was the one holding the briefcase, I thought to myself what if he cashes in after the match? It would be easy, Seth pins Finn only to have Priest come out and cash in on an already exhausted champion. The more interesting part would have been what if Finn had won? Would he have cashed in on his stablemate and possibly win the championship from him? At the event, the two did spark a mild yet interesting tension.

Since then, the Judgement Day looks just as strong as they did entering the event. The question remains though, if Finn is not the one to win the championship, how will he react seeing his stablemate winning the championship he has attempted to win? Could this be the breaking point for Finn to leave the group? All out of jealousy? Remember Finn joined the group; he was feuding against them until he joined them and kicked out Edge. Only time will tell how this group will handle the briefcase situation, as Dominik Mysterio is now in the group and feuding with Seth.

Jey Uso is the first person to pin Roman Reigns since December 2019.

The Bloodline breaks, is this the endgame that was referenced at WrestleMania? Is Jey the real one?

December 2019, it was the Tables, Ladders, Chairs premium live event. This was the last time Roman Reigns was pinned. Since that night, Reigns has been one of the greatest runs and reigns of the modern era. He would return with Paul Heyman at his side and capture the Universal championship along with countless other goals. Fast forward to Money in the Bank, the Bloodline Civil War tag team match, many thought Roman and Solo Sikoa would win the match. Some thought if The Usos win they would pin Sikoa. Just like many in attendance no thought the outcome we received. Jey Uso pinning Roman Reigns.

Everyone thought Cody Rhodes would finish the story by dethroning Roman at WrestleMania which did not happen. In the media scrum following the event, Reigns mentioned they knew where they were heading in the story and referred to it as them only being in the 3rd inning of it. It is safe to say after the pin, we are at least in the 7th inning of this storyline. We are now likely heading to the 3rd match between them after last Friday’s SmackDown. In what is WWE’s best storyline in the last 5 years, we are going into the 9th inning of the storyline at SummerSlam Detroit.

Were we all wrong thinking Cody would be the one to take the championship from Roman? How does Cody fit into this as he also mentioned finishing his story is winning this championship not the World Championship. Can Jey Uso finally put an end to the reign of terror caused by his cousin? How will Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa affect this matchup at the summer’s biggest event.

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