The man behind Nope, Get Out, and Us, Jordan Peele, has two more features on the way from Universal. They announced that one film would hitting theaters on Christmas Day 2024 and another feature from his production company Monkeypaw would be coming on September 27th, 2024. There’s been no casting details, storyline details, or shooting schedules announced for either film.

The Christmas Day 2024 release slot would likely go up against Avatar 3, which is set for release on December 20th, 2024.

Peele’s journey to auteur director wasn’t the most conventional one. He started off in comedy with the series Key & Peele before making his directorial debut with Get Out. That movie launched him into the stratosphere in Hollywood. He quickly became one of the most in-demand writer/director/producer in the business.

His films have all been original ideas that have translated into massive box-office draws. Get Out grossed $255.4 million globally. Us brought in $256.2 million globally. Nope was released at a strange time during the pandemic where the box office hadn’t quite recovered its former glory, but it still grossed $171.2 million. He’s proven that horror is still a box-office draw when people think that only comic book/superhero movies can make tons of cash.

We’ll keep you updated on both of these movies from Jordan Peele as we get information about them.

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