Are you looking for horror movies to watch while you celebrate the Fourth of July? But, you don’t want just to do JAWS or Independence Day; you want something odd to celebrate America. You’ve come to the right place.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of spine-chilling films. That will satisfy your horror cravings while you go all patriotic this Independence Day.

You Are Not Alone (2014)

In You Are Not Alone (2014), Natalie, a college graduate, returns to her hometown to celebrate the Fourth of July. However, this homecoming quickly turns into a terrifying ordeal as she becomes the target of a relentless sociopathic killer. This spine-chilling encounter takes place on the very night of her arrival, plunging Natalie into a nightmarish struggle for survival. As she navigates the dark and treacherous corners of her hometown. Natalie’s courage and resilience are put to the ultimate test. Will she be able to outwit her pursuer and escape the clutches of this deranged individual?

The Bay (2012)

In the town of Claridge, Maryland, a mysterious and unsettling event unfolds during the 2009 Fourth of July Crab Festival. As festival-goers begin falling ill and exhibiting strange symptoms, suspicions arise of water contamination. With each passing moment, the situation worsens as infected individuals display increasingly dangerous and bizarre behavior. Including the discovery of lifeless bodies sends shockwaves through the community, triggering widespread panic. Government authorities respond with a town lockdown, seizing all recorded media to suppress the horrifying incident. Yet, a brave local reporter manages to capture the chilling events on camera. Compiling and hiding the footage, hoping to expose the shocking truth one day. The Bay (2012) is a gripping “found-footage” film that delves into the darkness lurking beneath the surface of the annual Crab Festival. Making you reconsider attending any such event.

The Evil In Us (2016)

In The Evil In Us (2016), a group of six school friends embark on an exciting Fourth of July weekend. Filled with festivities on a secluded island off the Washington coast. However, their vacation takes an unexpected turn when they unwittingly consume a newly-developed bio-active drug. Which unknowingly contains a virus that triggers uncontrollable fits of psychotic rage. Among the friends, only Brie abstains from taking the drug. Making her the sole survivor who must summon all her strength to survive. If you have ever been the sober one at a party, you will know this feeling all too well.

Uncle Sam (1996)

Prepare for a nostalgic trip back to the 90s with Uncle Sam (1996). A thrilling slasher film that encapsulates the essence of patriotic exploitation. This cult classic follows the chilling story of a Desert Storm veteran who meets a gruesome demise in combat. Only to resurrect from the grave on the Fourth of July. Fueled by a vengeful spirit, he embarks on a terrifying mission to exact revenge upon the unpatriotic citizens of his hometown. The chilling catalyst for his rampage occurs when teenagers ignite an American flag over his burial site. Unleashing a blood-soaked star-spangled spectacle.

Re-Elected (2020)

Step into the depths of the woods on the Fourth of July, where an unforgettable adventure awaits fighting siblings Nate and Angela of Re-Elected (2020). The siblings find themselves pitted against an unexpected menace: the zombified versions of American presidents. As the undead leaders of the nation haunt their path. Nate and Angela must confront not only the horrifying undead, but also their own apprehensions about spending an entire evening together. This horror-comedy story combines elements of horror, family bonds, and the spirit of Independence Day.

Get Unconventional for Your Fourth of July

Make your patriotic celebration a truly memorable and spine-chilling experience with these handpicked movies. While the classics hold their own, sometimes you crave something unconventional to ignite the spirit of horror. Embrace your independence by indulging in these captivating indie/cult films that promise to leave you thrilled and captivated. Whether you’re seeking out-of-the-box storytelling or unique perspectives on the genre, these movies have got you covered. So go ahead and celebrate America with these cinematic gems. Once you dive into the world of these independent and cult favorites, you’ll discover a whole new dimension of horror that will undoubtedly enhance your holiday festivities.

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