We’re about to head back to the grid with Jared Leto and now Evan Peters in Tron: Ares.

The DisInsider first reported it, and it was confirmed by various trades (Deadline, THR, Variety) that Evan Peters has closed a deal to star opposite Jared Leto in Tron: Ares. Joachim Ronning is directing the movie that’s set to shoot in August. Disney has been trying to get Tron 3 off the ground for over a decade. The last time we saw anything Tron on our screens was the magnificent Tron: Legacy.

The first film was released in 1982 and capitalized on the video game craze of the early ’80s and starred Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn. They finally made a sequel in 2010 with Tron: Legacy that featured Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde and brought back Jeff Bridges. It was one of the first films to feature de-aging technology that made Bridges look like a younger version of himself when they were in the world of Tron.

The script for Ares, written by Jesse Wigutow and Jack Thorne, is said to focus on the emergence of a sentient program that crosses over in to the human world. Jared Leto is said to play the titular character, Ares. Evan Peters is said to be playing the villain of the film, but that’s all we know for sure. The Disinsider reports that Peters is replacing Cillian Murphy as the character Ed Dillinger Jr. from Tron: Legacy.

We’ll have to see how this movie turns out and if Disney can get the franchise off the ground like they want to.

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Source: DisInsider, THR

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