We saw the return of the full-fledged San Diego Comic-Con last year with massive announcements and panels, but it’s looking like the convention this year is missing some A-game. After news of Universal, HBO, and Marvel skipping out on the convention came earlier this week, now it’s being reported by Variety that Netflix and Sony are both staying on the sidelines.

As for other studios and streamers that might or might not be making the trip to San Diego, it depends on the impending SAG-AFTRA strike. They have a deadline of June 30th to make a new deal, and if it doesn’t happen then, no SAG members can promote films. That would mean for WB or DC that, if they wanted to promote Blue Beetle for a panel, they couldn’t have actors on the panel. It might just be James Gunn talking about the slate for all we know.

Paramount Pictures is having a panel for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, but it hasn’t committed to any panels for Star Trek or Paramount+ shows. NBC is also waiting on news from the strike, if there is one, they won’t be going. Amazon plans to have some presence at the event, but it’s unsure what that means at the moment. Studios might have to lean on activations (the promotional material OUTSIDE the convention) or promotional stunts to generate fan interest. That would surely hit the bottom line of the actual convention with people not having to go inside for those.

Here’s a statement from Comic-Con spokesperson David Glanzer on the event.

“With regard to the strike and its possible effects on Comic-Con, we tend to refrain from speculation or forecasting. I will say, our hope is for a speedy resolution that will prove beneficial to all parties and allow everyone to continue the work they love. Until then, we continue to diligently work on our summer event in the hopes of making it as fun, educational, and celebratory as in years past.”

The studios and their schedules come out on July 5th, so they have until then to make decisions on what to do with San Diego Comic-Con.

This is a developing story.

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Source: Variety

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