Disney’s streaming service, Disney+ is launching November 12th. Coming with it’s launch will be a new service bundle. This service will be including a lot of content.

Content that’s including: 2 brand-new Live-Action Star Wars series, a new series based on the High School Musical franchise. And also included, a bunch of Marvel Studios series and their movies.

So in the recent weeks, it was announced that Hulu would include Disney+ in a bundle. That is good for those who have Hulu, and want to get Disney+ as an add-on to their Hulu subscription.

Now they are going to be offering a bundle including Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+. And for $13, this is a great thing Disney is doing.

This is great for those like me who can’t afford to separately get Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. As is, Hulu costs $6, and ESPN+ costs $5. Once it releases, that will cost people an additional $7. So to get all these services separately, it will cost a total of $18.

The bundle is going to be $13, saving people $5. And getting the bundle is probably going to be better then individually purchasing each streaming service.

The bonus is, if there’s anyone in your family who is has a specific taste in what they watch, they will have a streaming service that will have what they want.

I’m excited for this bundle, and can’t wait for it to launch on November 12th, when Disney+ launches.

Source: KTLA