Get ready to level up your shoe and slipper game thanks to Today released that their new exclusive Mega Man high-top sneakers and slippers are now available for pre-order. The high-top sneakers will retail for $59.99 and the slippers will retail for $29.99. Both are available now for pre-order at and you can check out these items below.

Mega Man High Top Sneaker

Want an upgrade? You have to be a robot boss to get it. That’s how Mega Man does it, so that’s the rule for these Mega Man High Top Sneakers. If you want to start rocking them for yourself, then you’ll have to leap and Mega Buster your way through a deadly level and then defeat the ultra-powerful… Shoe Man!

Mega Man

Nah, just kiddin’. Any fan of the classic video game series can get their hands on a pair of these amazing Mega Man shoes. All you have to do is tap that little “add to cart” button, and we’ll send them to your door. No robot battles necessary! 

These officially licensed Mega Man High Top Sneakers are a Made By Us design inspired by the Blue Bomber himself! The shoes have a classic sneaker style with an all-over print of Mega Man and Rush. The shoes have two tones of blue, which pay homage to his classic suit. And, finally, the best part! The front has a large Mega Man face over the top laces. It all combines for the perfect shoe for any classic gamer!

Mega Man Costume Slippers for Adults

Listen. We’ve mastered Mega Man. We spent hours upon hours with that game. The trick is to take down Guts Man first. He’s pretty easy to beat. Then, you gotta use his power to take down Cut Man. Then, well… you probably already know the rest. You just need to practice.

Mega Man

Well, it just so happens that our designers crafted the perfect pair of slippers to keep you comfortable while you hone your video game skills! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the series or you’re still trying to learn how to dodge Ice Man’s blocks, these slippers are going to feel extra-nice!

These Mega Man Costume Slippers combine cozy with Mega-style, making the perfect choice for any gamer. The plush design means you can comfortably kick your feet up while you load up Mega Man. The light blue color and the embroidered 8-bit Mega-Man on the side come straight from the original games. And, of course, these are officially licensed. That’s means they’re must-have collectible!

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