Rising star Renee Rapp proves that she can do it all! The talented singer, songwriter, and actor has been making her mark on both the music and acting front simultaneously and recently dropped a new single titled “Snow Angel.”

The beautiful ballad arrives shortly after the announcement of Rapp’s upcoming debut album of the same name. Scheduled for a summer release, the title track captures Rapp’s poignant ability to spin painful memories into songs meant to soundtrack her journey toward inner strength.

“I’ll make it through the winter if it kills me / I can make it faster if I hurry / An angel in the snow until I’m worthy / But if it kills me, I tried,” she passionately sings on the chorus.

“Snow Angel” was produced by Grammy Award-nominated musician Alexander 23. His previous work boasts of giving a helping hand to Olivia Rodrigo and Tate McRae’s debut albums. The duo also worked on a number of other songs on Snow Angel.


Originally, Rapp’s debut LP had a different title. However, on Twitter, she explained why there was a sudden change.

 “My album was done,” Rapp shared. “I had all the songs. I even had the lead single picked out, too. I spent four months writing nearly every day. I spit out all my concepts, all my ballads, my fuck you’s and my I love you’s. We rented out studios in Jersey while I was filming Mean Girls and cried in damn near every studio in the Valley.”

After going through a traumatic experience last year, Rapp was still processing that difficult time in her life even last month. “My last week in Jersey, I texted Alexander that I wanted to write about it when I got home,” she continued. “[On] May 8th, he told me, ‘I really want to write that ‘snow’ song. I think it’s good, really good.’ So, we stayed up. We wrote it that night and recorded it the next day.”

A week later, Rapp submitted the song to her team. As a result, her manager told her to stop production on the song she was originally going to release. “[The] other single was out, ‘Snow Angel’ was in,” she wrote. “They believed in the song as much as I did […] That meant everything.”

It seems the decision to opt for a different lead single proved to be a wise choice. On Spotify, the song is currently Rapp’s fourth most popular with 800,000 streams in just three whole days.

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