…You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?” Today, Sideshow has revealed the latest entry in the Clint Eastwood Legacy Collection, the Harry Callahan Premium Format Figure. Eastwood first portrayed the antihero cop Harry Callahan in the 1971 neo-noir action thriller Dirty Harry. The mixed media figure stands 23 inches tall and features a screen-accurate recreation of Callahan. This release joins several previously unveiled figures including The Man With No Name and Preacher. The figure is available for pre-order now from Sideshow and will be a welcome addition to the collections of Dirty Harry fans. Keep reading to find out more details on the new figure.


Harry Callahan (AKA Dirty Harry) is an antihero cop with his own sense of hard justice. Inspired by Clint Eastwood’s genre-defining performance in the dark 1970s action-thriller Dirty Harry, the Harry Callahan Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow is a striking, museum-quality piece. Designed in celebration of the actor’s extensive career in film, the Harry Callahan Premium Format Figure is approved by Eastwood himself.

This mixed media, Premium Format™ figure features an exquisitely crafted portrait depicting Harry’s iconic steely gaze. SFPD Inspector Harry Callahan strides across the street, holding his signature .44 Magnum firearm as water gushes from a broken fire hydrant, evoking the classic scene where Harry utters his famous line.

Dressed in a screen-accurate recreation of his costume. Harry’s custom-tailored attire includes a herringbone jacket with elbow patches, pants, a dress shirt, a necktie, a red vest, and a shoulder holster. Wire in the jacket’s front lining allows collectors to style the piece for an even more dramatic display. 

The Harry Callahan Premium Format Figure stands on a black circular base with a gold-etched recreation of Clint Eastwood’s signature as an official seal of approval. An essential addition to any film aficionado’s collection. The Harry Callahan Premium Format Figure is available to pre-order now from Sideshow.


This behind-the-scenes video features discussions on the making of The Preacher figure from Pale Rider, The Man With No Name figure from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, and Harry Callahan figure from Dirty Harry.


What are your thoughts on the Harry Callahan Premium Format Figure? Is this a must-have for your collection? Also what other Clint Eastwood figures would you like to see them add to this lineup? Well, That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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