Metallica are kicking off their M72 World Tour in the Netherlands for two shows today and on Saturday. In a career-spanning setlist, they busted out mostly the hits and fan favorites. The special gimmick for this whole tour is that they’re playing two nights over a weekend in each city they stop at. They can’t play the same song twice in a weekend, so we’ll have to see what they bring out across the entire tour.

As for today’s setlist, it went as follows.

  1. Orion (First Time As A Show Opener Since 2011)
  2. For Whom The Bell Tolls
  3. Holier Than Thou
  4. King Nothing
  5. Lux Æterna
  6. Screaming Suicide (Live Debut)
  7. Fade to Black
  8. Sleepwalk My Life Away (Live Debut)
  9. Nothing Else Matters
  10. Sad But True
  11. The Day That Never Comes
  12. Ride The Lightning
  13. Battery
  14. Fuel
  15. Seek and Destroy
  16. Master of Puppets

As for Metallica setlists, you can’t be disappointed by this one. You’ve got plenty of their hits from across their catalog. It looks like they’re splitting up some of their biggest hits for the second night because this is missing tracks like “Enter Sandman” and “One”. It also probably means that more tracks from 72 Seasons are coming on the second day in addition to some deeper cuts. They didn’t hit many tracks from Kill ‘Em All, Load, ReLoad, Hard Wired…To Self Destruct, or Death Magnetic with this setlist.

The M72 Tour is underway and tickets are on sale now. You can read more about the M72 World Tour here.

Check out our review of 72 Seasons below.

So, what do you think of this setlist for Metallica’s opening stop on tour? What songs do you want to see them play when they come to your neck of the woods?

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