Today, ahead of its much-anticipated release, Sideshow has shared a new unboxing video showing a first look at the new The Man With No Name 1/6 Scale Figure. The figure is the latest release from Sideshow’s Clint Eastwood Legacy Collection. Which is a new line of deluxe collectibles that celebrate the actor’s extensive career.

This figure joins the previously released Harry Callahan 1/6 Scale Figure from Eastwood’s action-thriller Dirty Harry. Another figure in the collection is The Preacher figure from Pale Rider, which is expected to ship later this year. Keep reading to check out the released unboxing video and a behind-the-scenes look at the Clint Eastwood Legacy Collection.


The newly released unboxing video gives fans the first up-close look at the new figure and its accessories. The video dives into all of the great touches that went into the figure. It also shows off some potential poses to give inspiration to fans that want to show off their own The Man With No Name figure. This figure will certainly be on the wishlist for fans of Eastwood and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.


Based on Clint Eastwood’s appearance in Sergio Leone’s essential spaghetti Western The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. The Man With No Name 1/6 Scale Figure features a meticulously crafted, hand-painted, steely-eyed portrait of the mysterious drifter, complete with a non-removable hat and cigar.

Called “Blondie” by Tuco, Eastwood’s enigmatic antihero wears a custom-tailored fabric costume including a dress shirt, pants, a pistol belt with holster, a faux leather vest with faux fur lining, a neckerchief, and a removable serape.

The Man With No Name 1/6 Scale Figure is articulated to allow for numerous posing and display options. Along with multiple swap-out hands and accessories. The bounty hunter’s tools of the trade include a pistol with an embossed snake grip design, a rifle, spurs, and even a replica rock to re-create memorable moments from the classic movie.

If you’ve got a fistful of dollars burning a hole in your pocket be sure to pre-order The Man With No Name 1/6 Scale Figure from the Clint Eastwood Legacy Collection, coming soon from Sideshow.


Under the watchful eye of Clint Eastwood himself, Sideshow’s designers, sculptors, painters, and fabric artists have dedicated years of development to producing the most detailed and screen-accurate representations of these beloved characters in collectible form. In this new behind-the-scenes video, Sideshow’s team talks about this once-in-a-lifetime creative collaboration. Plus they hint at some of the new products on the horizon for the Clint Eastwood Legacy Collection.


What are your thoughts on The Man With No Name Sixth-Scale Figure? Is this a must-have for your collection? Also what other Clint Eastwood figures would you like to see them add to this lineup? Well, That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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