The Ark seems to be one of the more popular sci-fi shows out there. Especially since it’s one of the more realistic takes on a colony ship heading to a new world. Or at least, they’re trying really hard to get there without dying. Maybe all that drama combined with the hard sci-fi is why Syfy is giving this show a second season.

The Ark Season 2: On Course, ETA…

'The Ark' season 1' key visual.
Why does this key visual make the show look like a sci-fi horror show?

Syfy is proud to announce that they’re giving The Ark a season 2. Interestingly, this news is coming even before season 1 is over and done with. Apparently, the season 1 finale is going to make its debut on Wednesday, April 19, 2023; which is only a week away as of this writing. Even so though, the fact that the show is getting a season 2 even before the conclusion of season 1 suggests both that Syfy has high hopes for it, and that it’s really good. It probably is that good, considering that one of the co-showrunners is Jonathan Glassman. If you’re a fan of Stargate SG-1, then that name should be familiar to you, since he was the co-showrunner for that incredibly sci-fi show too.

In fact, Jonathan Glassman, along with fellow co-showrunner Dean Devlin (Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla (1998)) have something to say about this upcoming new season of The Ark. You can check their joint statement below:

We couldn’t be more excited to get back into space with the crew of the Ark. SYFY continues to be an amazing partner and home for this series.

Co-Showrunners/Executive Producers Dean Devlin and Jonathan Glassner

Unfortunately, the fact that The Ark is getting a season 2 is the only news we’re getting from Syfy today. No cast, no release date or even a release window, and not even a new key visual. We’re just going to have to wait for that later. Tune back in to THS later to get that info when we do. In the meantime, you can check out a trailer for season 1 to get a better idea of the show below:

So that’s why this show feels a bit like that failed Stargate Universe show.

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