Villians don’t just live on the pages of comic books, unfortunately, they lurk around in real life as well. This past week (Sunday, March 19) these villains made their way to Elkhart Indiana where they broke into the Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum. Once inside these villains made off with priceless pieces of comic book history that will be nearly possible to replace. Some of those items missing are Captain America #1, Hulk #1, She-Hulk #1, and other comic book history memorabilia. You can see a list and photos of some of the missing items below. You can check out the video from the break-in below.

Stolen Items From The Hall of Heroes Museum

  • Captain America #1 (Hero Restoration shell with a Bonnetts book store stamp)
  • Captain America #37 signed by Allen Bellman
  • Captain America Sentinels of Liberty brass badge
  • Young Allies #1
  • Hulk #1 and #2
  • She Hulk #1 and #2

  • Maestro Series #1 and #2
  • 1979 Incredible Hulk Script signed by Lou Ferrigno
  • Hulk Magazine with Lou Ferrigno image signed by Ferrigno
  • X-Men #1 reprint signed by Stan Lee
  • X-Men #1, #2, #109, #121, and #122
  • Giant Sized X-men #1 signed by Chris Claremont
Hall of Heroes
  • Tales of Suspense #39 CGC graded 7.5
  • Tales of Suspense #50, #51, #52, #57, and #58
  • Tales to Astonish #35 and #36
  • Avengers #16, #17, #55, #56, #57 (signed by Thomas), #58, #67, #68, #8, #9, #38, #39, #70, #71, #100, #101, #181, #182, #211, #212, #194, and #195
  • Iron Man #128, #129, #174, and #175
  • Superior Iron Man #1 Movie Covers (2 books with different covers) signed by Alex Ross
Hall of Heroes
Hall of Heroes

The Elkhart Police Department is investigating the break-in and can be reached at 574-295-7070 if you have any information on this break-in. The museum owner and founder Allen Stewart has also set up a gofundme as well to try to release some of the items. You can check that out by clicking here.

Hall of Heroes
Hall of Heroes
Hall of Heroes

About The Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum

When you think of the small city of Elkhart, Indiana, a few things may come to mind. Musical instruments? Check. Recreational vehicles? We have them in spades. Superheroes? Believe it or not – we have them covered, too. The Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum is nestled in the heart of the Midwest and offers fans of superheroes, film, animation and history in general an opportunity to gaze upon and interact with one of the largest collections of superhero memorabilia, art, and comics in the U.S., if not the world. Our collection is comprised of over 60000 comics, over 10000 toys and games, and over 100 pieces of animation and comic art. All of these fantastic pieces are located in a 5000 square foot facility on the north side of Elkhart, Indiana.

This collection covers the 80 year history of superheroes in comics, toys, film, and animation. Among the items on display are several historically significant comic books, such as Captain America #1, Sensation Comics #1 (the first cover appearance of Wonder Woman), and an Amazing Fantasies #15 (the first appearance of Spider-Man) signed by Stan Lee. Our Hollywood section boasts such items as the original shield used in Captain America: The First Avenger, the Shelby Cobra from Iron-Man, the Hell Cycle from Ghost Rider, and a screen-used Green Lantern ring worn by Ryan Reynolds. You’ll also find a recreation of the Bat Cave from the 1960’s Batman television series featuring Adam West’s personal Batman costume.

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