Well, it seems that Super Nintendo World is finally getting that Donkey Kong expansion. But then again, who didn’t see this coming?

Super Nintendo World Donkey Kong expansion art from Universal Studios Japan.
Aren’t those 2 mortal enemies?

Nintendo is officially announcing their brand new Donkey Kong expansion for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. Unfortunately, the newly expanded area has a 2024 release date. Thus, we won’t get to see this Donkey Kong expansion for quite some time.

I am very happy to be able to make the world of Donkey Kong a reality following the world of Mario. I am looking forward to creating a thrilling Donkey Kong experience with the amazing team at Universal. It will take some time until it is completed, but it will be a unique area for not only people who are familiar with Donkey Kong games, but for all guests.

Shigeru Miyamoto, Representative Director, Fellow of Nintendo

And as stated before, this expansion is only for Universal Studios Japan. Because you know, Super Nintendo World currently only has a location there. Universal Studios Hollywood currently has a Super Nintendo World under construction, but that still has no release date as of this writing. We’ll just have to wait for news from Nintendo on that front later.

Super Nintendo World: A Donkey Kong Mini-World?

Map of Super Nintendo World with projected Donkey Kong expansion highlighted in yellow.
Well, that’s a pretty big expansion.

So what exactly will be in this Donkey Kong expansion for Super Nintendo World, you might ask? Well apparently, the whole expansion will be a massive lush jungle that wouldn’t look out of place in any Donkey Kong game. In fact, the expansion will actually increase the total area of the theme park by “approximately 70%”. No matter how you look at it, Super Nintendo World is about to get a lot bigger.

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD creates a whole new level of theme park entertainment and has quickly become an exciting, must-do experience for our guests. We are thrilled to continue working with Nintendo as we fulfill our vision to bring their characters and stories to life. Our new Donkey Kong themed area will bring even more excitement and fun to the SUPER NINTENDO WORLD experience.

J.L. Bonnier, President & CEO, Universal Studios Japan

Aside from the jungle theme, the Donkey Kong expansion will also feature an actual “roller coaster” ride, “interactive experiences”, and “themed merchandise and food”. Want to bet that we’ll see Donkey Kong plushies? And banana dishes. I mean, come on. You can’t have a DK-themed park without bananas.


Nintendo officially confirms a Donkey Kong expansion to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. The new expansion will feature a roller coaster ride, themed interactive experiences, and themed merchandise and food; all set in a lush jungle that wouldn’t look out of place in a Donkey Kong game. We’ll have to wait until 2024 before we can see what it looks like though. Given the current Super Nintendo World park though, it will probably be pretty spectacular.

Source: Nintendo, Universal Studios Japan