The first thoughts that come to mind when you hear someone mention Indiana is basketball, racing, and corn. But Allen Stewart of Elkhart Indiana is working on changing that. You see Allen who is a realtor by day is also the owner of the Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum tucked away in Elkhart, Indiana. And this is not just any museum. It is the only Superhero and comic book museum in the world preserving and covering the entire 80-year history of superheroes in comics, toys, film and animation. I was lucky enough to spend a day with Allen and was able to see what the Hall of Heroes had to offer.

Hall of Heroes

Hall of Heroes will blow you away

The moment you arrive at the Hall of Heroes you feel like you just got transported into a Super Friends cartoon. As you see this is not just any old building the museum sits in a two-story replica of The Hall of Justice. And when you open those front doors you feel like you been transported back into time and surrounded with superhero history.

Hall of Heroes

What will you find there?

I does not matter if you are a Marvel or DC fan the Hall of Heroes Museum has you covered. They have replica of the Bat Cave from the 1960’s series and also Adam West’s personal Batman costume. You will also find many historically significant comics books such as a Stan Lee signed Amazing Fantasies #15. A Captain America #1, and the first cover appearance of Wonder Woman in Sensation Comics #1. These are just a few of the 60000 comics the Hall of Heroes holds.

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More than just comics.

There is so much to see at the Hall of Heroes Museum. After you are done looking at all the comics you can then check out their toys, games, art, and movie props. You can see a screen used Green Lantern ring worn by Ryan Reynolds. Lay on the Shelby Cobra that Iron-Man fell onto in the first Iron-Man movie. You can even sit on the Hell Cycle from Ghost Rider. But my favorite movie prop item there is Captain America’s shield used by Chris Evans in Captain America: The First Avenger.

What is next for the Hall of Heroes Superhero museum?

Well with the Hall’s already massive superhero collection it has finally ran out of room. And with more items coming in all the time, the museum is moving locations. The Hall of Heroes new location will be at 1915 Cassopolis Street in Elkhart Indiana. Now don’t worry if you did not get to see the Hall of Justice building before it moves. There just might be a chance that it will be back in the future. The current museum will be closed here in a few weeks and the new location will be opened in Mid-August.

Hall of Heroes

But wait there’s more

Allen Stewart and The Hall of Heroes will also be hosting their 3rd annual Hall of Heroes comic con. This con will take place on September 7th and 8th. It will be held at Center Six One Five 2707 County Rd 15, Elkhart Indiana 46514. They will have an amazing lineup this year. Actors headlining are Phil Lamarr, John Wesley Shipp, Lori Petty and Ming Chen. Along with Artists Mike Grell and Allen Bellman you get a little bit of everything. You can stay on top of all the Elkhart Comic Con action by following their webpage You can also follow the Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum by clicking here.

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Hall of Heroes