{Warning: contains spoilers for the most recent episode of The Bad Batch.] Following up on a television series’ successful breakout, first season can be tricky in any genre. Under the scrutiny of the Star Wars fandom? Even more so. That’s the situation in which The Bad Batch now sits. Quite honestly, things haven’t exactly gone as well as perhaps Disney and Lucasfilm hoped. Some have dubbed the show’s title for its sophomore season “The Boring Batch,” as the season just didn’t seem to be going, well, anywhere. Now twelve episodes in, we’ve seen little more than failed side quest after failed side quest. No particular episode has seemed to have any significant effect in propelling the characters’ stories forward… until “The Outpost.”

The Band Batch; The Outpost; Star Wars
Crosshair finally sees how the Empire really feels about clones in “The Outpost.” (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Even a Commander Cody appearance in the early going wasn’t enough to give us that same, excited feeling we had as The Bad Batch rolled like a runaway train to the exciting climax of Season 1. Still, that ‘s not to say it hasn’t had its highlights. Jedi padawan Gungi’s return in episode 6 was certainly a treat. And Palpatine’s manipulations were on full and welcomed display in episodes 7 and 8, the two-part, mid-season, finale.  What followed, again, seemed more of the pointless, filler variety. Thankfully, things began to pick up with “Metamorphosis,” in which we get a much deeper dive into Palpatine’s cloning schemes at Mt. Tantiss. It was “The Outpost,” however, that appears to be the springboard for an emotional and action packed final four episodes of the season.

The Bad Batch turns a corner with “The Outpost”

The Outpost; The Bad Batch; Star Wars
Clones are left to fend for themselves in the second season of The Bad Batch. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Throughout the series’ new season, Crosshair has begun to experience the true nature of the Empire he felt so compelled to join. In episode 8, “Truth and Consequences,” Palpatine’s master plan to create a new Galactic Army of storm troopers fell into place. Now, the Empire’s disdain for, and indifference to the Republic’s former clone army grows with impunity. In The Bad Batch Season 2 episode “The Outpost,” Crosshair finally comes to terms with the fact that the Empire is not what it seemed.

Crosshair now realizes, first hand, the evil of the Empire that left a squad of Clones ill-equipped and alone on the frozen planet of Barton-4. Clones are now completely disposable, a notion the I-want-to-punch-in-the-face Imperial Lieutenant Nolan makes abundantly clear. In what is likely the major turn in Crosshair’s character arc we’ve been hoping for, he turns on Nolan, and the Empire, and leaves his fate to the Force.

What now for Crosshair?

Bad Batch; Clones;
The Empire’s disdain for clones, personified. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

“The Outpost” is easily the best episode of The Bad Batch Season 2, and arguably one of the best episodes of the entire show. With Crosshair’s fate uncertain, and the focus on Mt. Tantiss (his new, assumed location), the last four episodes of the season are sure to culminate in an exciting conclusion. Will he rejoin Omega and his brothers from Clone Force 99? Or Better yet, do you think he’ll sacrifice himself for the cause towards which he now appears to lean?

We have for more episodes to find out. Thanks for reeling us back in, Crosshair.

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