That might sound like a crazy headline, but it’s true. Bob Odenkirk is starring in a remake of The Room. The 2003 film originally from Tommy Wiseau and the subject of the film The Disaster Artist is getting a remake for charity. The Room is being produced through Acting For A Cause, which fundraises for charity off of one-time-only digital performances. The proceeds from this performance will go directly to amfAR, the foundation for AIDS research.

Slashfilm originally broke the news, but there was still plenty of confusion surrounding the project and how it would work. Bob Odenkirk confirmed their report on Twitter with this quote Tweet.

Here’s the first teaser image for the project from Acting For A Cause.

(Photo: Acting For A Cause)

The entire film was shot on a green screen to capture the look and feel of the 2003 original. The Room was written, directed, and produced by Tommy Wiseau, who also starred in the original film. Wiseau Films was not aware of the remake, so Tommy won’t have a meta appearance in the upcoming remake.

The Room follows Johnny, a jilted lover who suspects his best friend and his girlfriend are having an affair. The film went from maligned to loved through midnight screenings across the country.

The remake stars Bob Odenkirk, Cameron Kasky, and Bella Heathcoate. There is no release date in place yet. Odenkirk has said that he didn’t play the role of Johnny for laughs but did it completely seriously.

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