Netflix’s Sex/Life is one of my favorite horrible shows to come out in a long time. Yes, I said horrible. Nothing about this show is good, but for some reason, I just can’t stop watching. I found season 1 randomly during the pandemic. The writing is so over the top, and the acting is…well, thank goodness for Michael Vogel (The Help) and Sarah Shahi (Black Adam). And the sex scenes borderline cheesy porn of years past. 

Sex/Life follows Billie Connely (Sarah Shahi) and her journey of self-discovery. However, in season 2, they make that her (and everyone else’s) story is about more than great sex. It’s about being honest with yourself no matter how painful or where you are in life.


In a surprising move, the cliffhanger of Sex/Life season one is basically erased. If you remember season 1 ended with Billie showing up at Brad’s (Adam Demos) loft asking him to “f*ck” her. The two make out, and fade to black. At the beginning of season 2, we pick up where we left off. However, Brad stops the interaction because he now has a serious girlfriend…who is pregnant. Of course she is. 

So now Billie is rejected by the man she’s in love with, and tries to go back to Cooper who also rejects here. What’s a girl to do? Obviously, leave her children with their father, move to the city, and party with her bestie! There Billie begins her journey to heal and try and move on from the life she blew up.


In season 2 of Sex/Life, the story is more about self-discovery, grief, acceptance, and sacrifice in a way that I wouldn’t expect from a series like this. The 6 episodes timeline is a little difficult to follow, but in the end we cover more than a year. So, pay attention to the set ups so you know where you are in the time line.

Don’t worry, the drama is still wildly over the top with plenty of laugh out loud moments. However, the sex is toned way down and the storylines amped way up. This season doesn’t just focus on the triangle of Billie, Cooper, and Brad. We are introduced to a ton of new characters to help round out Billie BFF, Sasha (Margaret Odette), as well as helping Cooper who is spiraling out of control, and helping Billie move on. That said, is anyone really watching this show for the plot?

While I’m not sure if Sex/Life season 2 if the final season it 100% feels like it. This season wraps everything up in a pretty bow, but is still incredibly unsatisfying. Only having 6 episodes, doesn’t allow for the story to be told, while also seeing the characters we’ve come to know, semi-root for fully come to their happy endings. 

Sex/Life season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.