It seems that The Penguin has snagged Clancy Brown for this upcoming HBO Max Batman spinoff series. Who is he, you might ask? And who will he be playing, you might also ask? Well, find out more below.

The Penguin: We Have Our Crime Boss

Variety has just come out with the news that The Penguin has just snagged Clancy Brown (Highlander, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Thor: Ragnarok) as part of their ever-expanding cast. According to them, Brown has been tapped to play infamous Gotham City crime boss Salvatore “Sal” Maroni. Batman fans might remember him as the guy who basically created Two-Face after he chucked acid into the face of one district attorney Harvey Dent during a court trial. It’s unclear if Maroni will still do that in this HBO Max series, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. Especially with this setting.

'Batman' comic panel showing Sal Maroni throwing a bottle of acid into Harvey Dent's face.
How in the world did Maroni sneak acid into a court trial, and how did he not go to jail for life for that?

Unfortunately, any details into what this incarnation of Sal Maroni will do in The Penguin will have to wait for later. Variety has no specifics on what he will do in this upcoming HBO Max series. Unfortunately, HBO Max has also chosen not to elaborate any further on this matter. Thus, all we know is that Clancy Brown will be playing Sal Maroni, and that’s that. However, given his previous roles playing some memorable villains (like The Kurgan, Savage Oppress, and Surtur from the aforementioned films; and even Lex Luthor in the DC animated universe), I think I can safely say that this incarnation of Sal Maroni will be fun to watch. So tune back in to THS later to find out more about Clancy Brown and his role as Sal Maroni when we do.