Well, it appears that the upcoming Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will feature one of our heroes turning to the dark side. This, in of itself, isn’t new though. Various Rangers over the course of the numerous seasons have turned to the dark side for equally as various reasons. You might recall that Tommy Oliver from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers introduced himself as a villain before he became the Green Ranger. The only difference for this latest Power Rangers series seems to be the evil Ranger’s length of time as a villain.

Warning: spoilers for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury and Power Rangers Dino Fury are below. If you want to watch either Power Rangers series for yourself, then stop here and come back once you’ve watched the Rangers blow up their last villain as a team.

The Blue Ranger No More?

'Power Rangers Cosmic Fury' ley art.
It looks like we’re going to be down a Ranger. Maybe even two.

The Illuminerdi has released a very interesting report about the upcoming Power Rangers Cosmic Fury: the 30th season of Power Rangers overall and a direct sequel to Power Rangers Dino Fury season 2. According to them, Ollie Akana (AKA: Blue Ranger) will defect from the Rangers and join up with Lord Zedd. In fact, the former Blue Ranger (played by Kai Moya) will apparently be a primary antagonist throughout this season.

'Power Rangers Cosmic Fury' team photo by Chance Perez.
Wow, they’ve even already removed Blue Ranger from the team photo, along with White Ranger?

Now, to be fair, The Illuminerdi doesn’t specify the reason for Blue Ranger’s impending Face-Heel Turn in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. It could be because Ollie himself turns evil, but it doesn’t line up with his personality. It could also be due to some freaky brainwashing by Lord Zedd. This could be one of the more plausible reasons. However, it could also be that Ollie is a double agent here. He could be pretending to work with Lord Zedd in order to collect intel and find the perfect moment to betray him. To do that though, he needs to really sell it that he’s double-crossing the Rangers. Hence, his conflicts with them. We’ll probably see that he never kills the Rangers, since well, they are the heroes after all. It could be an in-universe explanation for their plot armor.

'Power Rangers Cosmic Fury' photo showing Ollie standing next to Lord Zedd.
Even Lord Zedd can’t break plot armor, even with Ollie’s help.

In any case, though, this is all speculation for now. We’ll have to actually see Power Rangers Cosmic Fury for ourselves sometime in Fall 2023 on Netflix to see what’s up with Ollie. Tune back into THS to find out more about him when we do.

Source: The Illuminerdi