If you are a fan of the TMNT: The Last Ronin you are going to want to check this out. PCS has officially revealed its new The Last Ronin On Bike Statue and all I can say is Holy S#!T, this is amazing. This 1:4 scale of Michelangelo is packed with so many amazing details and will look great in any, and I mean any TMNT collection. The Last Ronin on Bike statue will retail for $1,350 and will be available to pre-order on March 2, 2023, at sideshow.com. You will not want to wait on this one this statue will only be limited to 500 pieces. You can check out the official details below.


The Last Ronin on Bike

Premium Collectibles Studio presents the Last Ronin on Bike 1:4 Scale Statue.

Inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin, The Last Ronin 1:4 Scale Statue measures 23.25” wide as Michelangelo mows down M112 Mousers with his red motorcycle. The fully realized bike features metallic exhaust burns, sculpted treads, and paint weathering. The collectible features two swap-out right arms holding his turtle tools of the trade: a katana formerly belonging to Leonardo and his own spinning nunchaku. With the sword in hand, the statue measures 21” tall, and with the nunchaku, the statue measures 24.75” tall. The piece also includes a removable sword handle for the sheath on his back when the sword arm is not on display.

The Last Ronin on Bike

The Last Ronin also carries other tokens from his fallen brothers, like Donatello’s bo staff and Raphael’s sai. The Last Ronin Statue is completed with sculpted costuming details including his black domino mask and hood, weathered brown armor padding, and red goggles around his neck.

Hit the road and reclaim the future with the Last Ronin 1:4 Scale Statue by Premium Collectibles Studio today.

The Last Ronin on Bike

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Source: PCS