A lot of times when someone hears the words “comic con” the first things they think about are SDCC, NYCC, or some of the major conventions out there. But, if you are anything like me you also like to check out some of the smaller conventions as well. One of those conventions I love to stop by each year takes place in Elkhart Indiana, and that is the Hall of Heroes Comic Con. Taking place March 4-5 at the Northern Indiana Event Center this is one comic con you will want to check out.

Hall Of Heroes Comic Con 2023

If you are looking for a fun and exciting comic con then you will want to head over to Elkhart Indiana and check out the Hall of Heroes Comic Con. This convention is put on by Allen Stewart who is also the director of the Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum which is also located in Elkhart. This year’s convention guests will see celebrities from Star Wars to Anime, comic artists and writers, and many different vendors and artists like Buy Me Toys and Comics, Toms Vintage Toys, Leia Huddleston, and many other local shops and talent. Also, you will not want to miss out on their cosplay contest while you are there.

Hall Of Heroes Guest Lineup


Hall of Heroes
  • Lou Ferrigno : The Incredible Hulk – Hercules – Cage
  • Johnny Yong Bosh: Power Rangers – Akira – Bleach
  • David Barclay: Star Wars – Labyrinth – The Dark Crystal
  • Reb Brown: Captain America – Uncommon Valor – Space Mutiny


Hall of Heroes
  • Jim Shooter: Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief – DC Comics – Valiant
  • Tom Cook: Masters of the Universe – Scooby Doo – Super Friends
  • Stuart Sayger: KISS – Bionicle – G.I. Joe
  • Scott Rosema: Space Ghost – Marvel – DC


Hall of Heroes
  • Knightmage
  • Envy The Green Fairy
  • Shamus Smith

You can find out more about the Hall Of Heroes Comic Con by heading over to hohcomiccon.org.

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